U.S. Navy to Test Futuristic ‘Star Wars’ Gun

The U.S. Navy has developed a Star Wars gun that uses electromagnetic technology to accelerate a projectile to seven times the speed of sound. Read More

CBS Apologizes for Fake Tesla Noise During 60 Minutes Segment

A "60 Minutes" segment that added traditional engine sounds to Tesla's super-quiet Model S car has prompted an apology from CBS. Read More

Palo Alto Trailer: James Franco Seduces Teen in New Movie

James Franco, who played Harry Osborn in 'Spider-Man', seduces a teenage girl in the upcoming trailer for 'Palo Alto' and also tried it in real life. Read More

Broken ATM Spits Out $37,000 to Homeless Man

One homeless man collected over $37,000 from a broken ATM in a Toronto-Dominion Bank located in South Portland, Maine on Thursday. Read More

David Beckham Launches H&M Swimwear Line

Former U.K. soccer star David Beckham is debuting a new line of swimwear at H&M and will appear in ads for the new apparel. Read More

Gas Fireplace Recall Due to Explosion Hazard

A gas fireplace recall affecting a number of models made by Hussong Manufacturing has been issued after reports of explosions were received. Read More

Saturn Moon Shows Signs of Underground Ocean

Data from a NASA space probe hints that there may be an ocean of liquid water under the icy surface of Saturn moon Enceladus. Read More

Study: Party Drug Ketamine May Lead to Treatment for Severe Depression

British researchers gave ketamine to depression sufferers and found that some experienced a reduction in symptoms that lasted for months. Read More

How Stolen Gauguin, Bonnard Ended Up on Auto Worker’s Kitchen Wall

An autoworker in Sicily recently discovered that the painting hanging in his kitchen is a stolen Gauguin work that is worth $14 million to $40 million. Read More

Delta Flight Forced to Make Emergency Landing at JFK

A Delta Air Lines jet made an emergency landing in New York City after a cockpit warning light signaled a possible problem with its hydraulic system. Read More

VIRAL VIDEO: Speeding $400K Lamborghini Aventador Crashes Into 2 Cars

A video posted on YouTube shows an accident in which a pricey Lamborghini Aventador smashes into two cars on a London street. Read More

U.N. Orders Japan to Stop Whaling in Antarctic

The International Court of Justice has ordered Japan to immediately cease whaling operations in the ocean near Antarctica. Read More

JetBlue Passengers Smell Smoke, Forcing Flight to Return After Takeoff

A JetBlue flight between Jamaica and Fort Lauderdale returned to the airport shortly after takeoff after those on board smelled smoke. Read More

PHOTO: Woman Spends $25K to Look Like Jennifer Lawrence

One woman, simply identified as Kitty, has undergone $25,000 worth of plastic surgery to make her look more like Jennifer Lawrence. Read More

Rare Northern California Tornadoes Cause Damage

Four rare California tornadoes touched down on Wednesday and one of them dealt damage to anywhere from 12 to 20 homes in Roseville. Read More

Teen Gets McDonald Receipt Tattoo as ‘Punishment’

A teenager in Norway got a tattoo of a McDonald's receipt as part of a bizarre punishment for doing too well with the ladies. Read More

Sprinkles Cupcakes: NYC Gets Its First Cupcake ATM

Those looking to feed a sweet tooth in New York can now do so 24/7 with the addition of a cupcake ATM (Automated Tastiness Machine) at Sprinkles' bakery. Read More

Report: Staten Island Clown Sightings Point to Hoax

The Staten Island clown that has been sighted by four different people, who all work for the same movie studio, may actually be part of a hoax. Read More

Barricades Down: NYC’s Wall Street Bull Is No Longer Fenced In

The Wall Street Bull has finally been liberated. Cops removed the barricades surrounding the bull after it suffered 2.5 years in captivity. Read More

Ohio State Athletic Director Gets $18K for Wrestler’s Win?!

The Athletic Director at Ohio State University receives a bonus of more than $18,000 every time an athlete at the school wins a national title. Read More