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Weird News, Pop CultureHere at Weird Street, we provide the strangest stories of the economy. The economy is already difficult enough to understand, so what better way of embracing that difficulty by attempting to understand the most irrational stories?
Ranging from unbelievable stories about coffee makers in space to a squirrel causing $300K in damages and everything in between, Weird Street is your destination for the most interesting stories on Wall Street.

WWE News: 8 Wrestlers Including Evan Bourne, Brodus Clay Are Let Go

World Wrestling Entertainment on Thursday released nine wrestling superstars on one diva, including Evan Bourne, Brodus Clay and Aksana. Read Article

Shockwave From Solar Flares Could Hit Earth Friday the 13th

Earth may get hit by a shockwave from a solar flare on Friday the 13th as the sun hits its solar maximum and reaches peak activity. Read Article

Lululemon Creates Custom Tux for One Lucky Groom

A Lululemon Atheletica designer created a custom tux for a Chicago man who posted a request online for something comfortable to wear at his wedding. Read Article

VIDEO: California Mayor Caught on Camera Throwing Poop

A California mayor caught on camera throwing poop has apologized to the man whose walkway he fouled, calling the incident a "mistake." Read Article

Famous Paris Bridge Evacuated as ‘Love Locks’ Cause Railing Collapse

The Pont des Arts footbridge had to be closed on Sunday after the railing fell off from too man "love locks" being left on it. Read Article

Dog Rescuer Had 37 Bags of Dead Dogs in Her Barn

A dog rescuer living in Clarksville, Tenn., was recently discovered to have 37 bags of dead dogs in her barn and is facing animal cruelty charges. Read Article

Montana Couple Strikes Gold … in Their Tap Water

A Montana couple says gold flakes are contaminating their tap water. Local officials insist the water is safe. Read Article

CoverGirl Bombshell Volume Mascara Blamed for Eyelash Loss

CoverGirl is including new instructions with its Bombshell Volume mascara after a Florida woman complained that her eyelashes fell out after using it. Read Article

Teen Rents $240K Sports Car, $12M Home on Stolen Credit Cards

A Californian teen is in trouble after he allegedly rented a $240,000 sports car and $12 million home with stolen credit cards. Read Article

Lamborghini Countach Sells for $1.2M

Earlier this month, a 1975 Lamborghini Countach sold for $1.2 million at a Bonhams auction, the highest price ever for the model. Read Article

Southwest, JetBlue Involved in “Fender Bender” at Logan International

A Southwest Airlines 737 hit a JetBlue Airbus 320 while backing away from the gate at Boston's Logan Airport on Monday morning, but no one was injured. Read Article

Parole Hoax: Charles Manson Is NOT Free From Jail

A hoax claiming that Charles Manson, who is responsible for the murders of several people, is free from jail has made its way around the internet. Read Article

Starbucks Frappuccino Truck Hits the Streets

A very colorful Starbucks Frappuccino Truck is currently dispensing refreshments in L.A. and will remain in the city through June 15. Read Article

Whoops! How Google Goofed on D Day Doodle

Google says it errantly uploaded a Go player doodle to its UK search page on June 6, but has since replaced it with a link to D Day memorial materials. Read Article

Dubai Gets World’s Fastest Police Car

Dubai may have the world's fastest police car after acquiring a Bugatti Veyron that can reach 267 miles per hour. Read Article

Beastie Boys Win $1.7M in Monster Energy Case

A jury has awarded the Beastie Boys $1.7 million in a copyright infringement lawsuit against Monster Beverage. Read Article

‘Frozen’ Movie Fanatics Make Norway Tourism a Winner

Norway says the Disney movie Frozen is prompting more Americans to visit the scenic Scandinavian country. Read Article

VIRAL: Family Dollar Store Manager Attacks Shoplifter With Febreeze

In one of the week's craziest stories, a Family Dollar store manager attacked a shoplifter with Febreeze after an argument. Read Article

Small Plane Crashes Into McDonald’s Parking Lot

A small plane crashed into a McDonald's parking lot located in Louisiana on Tuesday and damaged a single car and the pilot. Read Article

Wife Wants Divorce From Husband Because He’s Not a Fan of ‘Frozen’

A Japanese woman has moved out of her home and asked her husband for a divorce after he told her that he didn't think 'Frozen' was all that great. Read Article