Uwingu Project: You Can Name a Mars Crater for $5

Uwingu, a group of space experts that includes NASA veterans, has a project that allows people to name craters on Mars for as little as $5. Read More

Kepler Mission: NASA Finds 715 New Planets

Data from NASA's Kepler Mission has revealed 715 new planets circling distant stars. Read More

Adidas T-Shirts Pulled in Brazil for Being Too Sexual

Adidas t-shirts that link sexually suggestive messages to the World Cup games in Brazil have been withdrawn after Brazilian officials complained. Read More

Hipster Trend: Beard Transplants Are Now a Thing

Beard transplants are a thing now with hipster that are looking for more facial hair. The procedure can last two to five hours and cost up to $7,000. Read More

Family Sues Petco After Son Dies of Bite From Infected Rat

A 10-year-old California boy died after contacting a bacterial infection from a rat purchased at Petco, prompting a lawsuit against the chain. Read More

Doomsday Preppers: What’s Stored in the Arctic Circle Seed Bank?

Doomsday preppers will love this seed bank located in the Arctic Circle that houses over 800,000 seed from plant life around the world. Read More

Delta Airlines Breastfeeding Tweet Lands it in Hot Water

Delta Air Lines was embroiled in a social media dust-up after a representative suggested that a mother carry milk onto a flight instead of breastfeeding. Read More

California Couple Find $10M in Gold Coins Buried in Yard

One lucky Californian couple hit the jackpot during their daily walk when they discovered $10 million worth of gold coins in old rusty cans. Read More

Carbon Monoxide Leak Kills 1, Sickens 26 at NY Mall Restaurant

A manager of a Legal Sea Foods restaurant was killed by a carbon monoxide leak that originated in the building's basement. Read More

Polio-Like Illness Paralyzes 5 California Children

A small number of children in California have been stricken by an unknown disease whose symptoms resemble polio. Read More

Man Fired for Using Forklift to Free Vending Machine Twix Bar

Robert McKevitt, 27, was fried from his job at Polaris after he allegedly used a forklift to free a stuck Twix bar from a vending machine. Read More

Business Booms for Teen Selling Girl Scout Cookies Outside Pot Shop

Danielle Lei raked in the big bucks when she sold 117 boxes of Girl Scout cookies in a two hour period outside of The Green Cross on Monday. Read More

Man Gets Stolen ’57 Chevy Back 30 Years Later

A 65-year-old man in Northern California finally got his stolen '57 Chevy back a mere 30 years after someone stole it from his home. Read More

Venezuela Beauty Queen Genesis Carmona Shot Dead During Political Protest

Venezuela Beauty Queen Genesis Carmona was killed during a political protest against the Venezuelan government on Wednesday. Read More

VIDEO: American Luger Kate Hansen Spies Wolf Roaming Her Sochi Hotel

Kate Hansen, an American luger, posted a video to YouTube on Wednesday of what she believes to be a wolf outside her hotel room in Sochi. Read More

JPMorgan Employee Falls to His Death in Apparent Suicide

A JPMorgan Chase worker died in what Hong Kong police believe was a suicide at its local headquarters building. Read More

Hot Pockets Recall: Two Flavors at Risk of Containing ‘Diseased’ Meat

Nestle has issued a Hot Pockets recall for two versions of the popular snack that may contain improperly-inspected meat. Read More

Man Smashes Vase Worth $1M in Miami Museum

A man smashed a vase worth about $1 million in a Miami museum. He's facing criminal charges that could see him in prison for 5+ years. Read More

Surprise! Mother Expecting Triplets Delivers Identical Quadruplets

Kimberly Fugate was expecting to deliver three identical babies, but after hours of labor and cesarean, she delivered identical quadruplets. Read More

VHS Arrest: Woman Jailed for Overdue Video Rental

A woman was arrested on Thursday for not returning a VHS she rented in 2005 to a now out of business video rental store. Read More