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Ranging from unbelievable stories about coffee makers in space to a squirrel causing $300K in damages and everything in between, Weird Street is your destination for the most interesting stories on Wall Street.

Women Calls 911 Over Subway Flatbread Pizza Order

A North Carolina woman was arrested after she called 911 twice because her Subway Flatizza wasn't made how she wanted it. Read Article

Mayo Clinic Study: Measles Vaccine Wipes Out Women’s Incurable Cancer

A woman has been cured of blood cancer after receiving a massive dose of measles vaccine during a Mayo Clinic trial. Read Article

VIRAL VIDEO: Cat Saves Boy From Dog Attack

A YouTube video that has gone viral with over 5.8 million views shows a family's cat save a boy from a dog that is attacking him. Read Article

World’s Oldest Sperm Found in Australian Fossil

Scientists have discovered a fossil of a giant shrimp sperm in a cave in Australia that they estimate to be 17 million years old. Read Article

Conchita Wurst: Bearded Drag Queen Wins Eurovision 2014

Conchita Wurst, a bearded drag queen whose real name is Thomas Neuwirth, won Eurovision 2014 with his performance of 'Rise Like A Phoenix'. Read Article

Mekhi Phifer Broke: ER, Divergent Star Files for Bankruptcy

Hollywood actor Mekhi Phifer has filed for bankruptcy reportedly listing debts of $1.3 million and assets of just $67,000. Read Article

Wall Street Journal Twitter Account Hacked

The Syrian Electronic Army was behind the hacking of the Wall Street Journal Twitter account that tweeted a picture calling a security expert a cockroach. Read Article

NYC’s Naked Cowboy Gets Fruit of the Loom Underwear Deal

Fruit of the Loom will promote its new line of boxer briefs in a partnership with New York City's iconic Naked Cowboy. Read Article

Tricks to Win at Rock Paper Scissors Game

Believe it or not, there is a science to winning at rock paper scissors. Learn how to improve your skills on this classic game. Read Article

25 Dead Cats Found Hung From Trees in NYC Suburb

25 dead cats were found hanging from trees in a New York City suburb. Evidence suggests that the cats were dead before being placed in the bags. Read Article

Amazon Best-Seller List: No. 1 Is a 700-Page Economics Book?!

An economics book, titled 'Capital in the Twenty-First Century', has rose to the top spot on the Amazon best-seller list. Read Article

PHOTO: 1888 Shipwreck Found in San Francisco Bay

Researchers with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration have found the remains of an 1888 shipwreck in San Francisco Bay. Read Article

Dozens of Unknown Andy Warhol Originals Discovered on Floppy Disks

The Andy Warhol Museum says it found a number of original Andy Warhol works stored on floppy disks from a 1980's Amiga computer. Read Article

Women Sued for $275K in Pet Duck Attack

A Washington woman is suing her mother's neighbor for $275,000 over a pet duck attack that caused her to break her wrist. Read Article

GM May Keep Some ‘Sinkhole’ Corvettes on Permanent Display

GM says that some of the classic Corvette cars damaged by a sinkhole at the National Corvette Museum could become part of a permanent exhibit. Read Article

Boston Marathon 2014: What Will Be Different This Year

The Boston Marathon 2014 will feature more participants and a lot more security as Boston recovers from last year's bombings. Read Article

Teen Stowaway Survives Flight to Hawaii in Plane Wheel Well

A 16-year-old stowaway has survived a flight from San Jose, California, to Maui, Hawaii in the wheel well of a Hawaiian Airlines' plane. Read Article

NASA News: Potentially Habitable Earth-Sized Planet Discovered

Scientists sifting through data from NASA's Kepler space probe have identified a possibly habitable planet orbiting a red dwarf star 500 light years away. Read Article

Poveglia Island: The Most Haunted Place on Earth Is Up for Sale

Some consider Poveglia to be the most haunted place on Earth. Italy is looking to sell the island to pay off its public debt. Read Article

Wu-Tang Family Rapper Andre Johnson Cuts Off Penis, Jumps Off Building

Andre Johnson, a rapper that has been a part of the Wu Tang family group Northstar, cut off his penis and jumped off an apartment on Wednesday. Read Article