Surprise! Mother Expecting Triplets Delivers Identical Quadruplets

Kimberly Fugate was expecting to deliver three identical babies, but after hours of labor and cesarean, she delivered identical quadruplets. Read More

VHS Arrest: Woman Jailed for Overdue Video Rental

A woman was arrested on Thursday for not returning a VHS she rented in 2005 to a now out of business video rental store. Read More

PHOTO: Charlie Sheen to Marry Porn Star Brett Rossi

Charlie Sheen proposed to his 24-year-old girlfriend, former adult movie actress Brett Rossi, over the weekend. Read More

United Airlines Hits Severe Turbulence, 5 Injured

A United Airlines flight between Denver and Billings, Mont., hit turbulence on Monday, injuring five people and forcing the pilots to declare and emergency. Read More

PHOTO: 100 Cars Involved in PA Turnpike Pile Up

A PA Turnpike pile up outside of Philly involving over 100 cars took place Friday morning. At least 30 people were injured. Read More

Stone Baby: 44-Year-Old Fetus Found in 84-Year Old

A 44-year-old fetus known as the "stone baby" was found inside an 84-year-old woman when she went to the hospital due to intense stomach pains. Read More

NYC Snowplow Kills Pregnant Woman, Baby Lives

A pregnant New York City woman was killed when a Bobcat snowplow struck her while she was loading groceries into her car in a parking lot. Read More

Disney World Workers Arrested in Child Sex Sting

Florida authorities arrested 23 men in a child sex sting including three Disney World employees. The police posed as minors. Read More

Busch Gardens Roller Coaster Malfunctions Trapping 16 Riders

Busch Gardens roller coaster Cheetah Hunt suffered an unexpected technical malfunction that trapped and terrified 16 riders. Read More

Study Shows that Crocodiles Can Climb Trees!

A new study shows that crocodiles can climb trees. They are also the first reptile to use tools as far as we have examined. Read More

Massive Sink Hole Swallows 8 Cars at National Corvette Museum

A massive sink hole in Bowling Green swallowed eight cars at the National Corvette Museum. Three were owned by GM and the rest by the museum. Read More

18 NC Hospital Patients Exposed to Rare Brain Disease

A hospital in North Carolina failed to subject surgical tools to sufficient sterilization exposing some patients to a rare brain disease. Read More

Polar Bear Dies After Swallowing Zoo Visitor’s Jacket

A 25-year-old polar bear named Anton died from severe intestinal injuries at the Wilhelma Zoo in Germany after eating either a jacket or bag. Read More

Winter Olympics 2014: Matt Lauer to Replace Bob Costas as Pink Eye Infection Worsens

Matt Lauer will step in for Bob Costas on Tuesday night's NBC primetime Winter Olympics coverage after Costas' eye infection spread. Read More

Utah Newlywed Dies in Zion National Park BASE Jump

A newlywed woman died at Utah's Zion National Park after her parachute failed to properly deploy during a BASE jump. Read More

Sochi Olympics News: Russia Blocks Chobani Yogurt Shipment

A Russian blockade has stopped 5,000 cups of Chobani yogurt from being shipped to the United States' Olympic athletes in Sochi. Read More

Japan’s Popular Cat Cafes Are Coming to America

Cat cafes, eateries that allow customers to play with cats, are coming to America with plans to build two of the felines-themed restaurants in California. Read More

Mars News: NASA Shares Photo of Space Rock Impact

In Mars news, NASA has released a high-resolution image of a new crater on Mars captured by the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter last year. Read More

PHOTO: The Christie Brinkley Swimsuit Photo Everyone Is Talking About

Christie Brinkley posed in a swimsuit for an upcoming issue of People to celebrate turning 60 years old. Read More

Holy Snakes! 400 Pythons Found in Teacher’s Home

A California teacher's home was found to contain more than 400 pythons, about half of them dead, after neighbors reported a bad smell. Read More