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3 Stock Investments That Are Too Crowded To Work (AAPL, MSFT, GE)

Apple (AAPL), Microsoft (MSFT) and GE's stocks are already suffering from over-ownership in today's market. Read Article

1 Long-Term Advantage Apple Inc. (AAPL) Stock Has Over GOOG

Privacy will become more important as more data is stored online, and this is a good thing for AAPL stock...not so much GOOG. Read Article

AMZN Stock: Can Amazon.com, Inc. ACTUALLY Be a 10-Bagger in 10 Years?

A notable VC said this week he thinks AMZN stock can go up 10x in 10 years. Is he onto something with Amazon or just talking his book? Read Article

GOOG Stock: Is 2017’s Cable-Killer the X Factor for Alphabet Inc?

We all know about GOOG stock, but news that Alphabet's YouTube may launch a streaming TV service as soon as 2017 is great for investors. Read Article

GPRO Stock: Is Q1 GoPro Inc Revenue Beat a Sign of Things to Come?

GPRO stock traded higher in late Thursday action after a nice Q1 revenue beat. But what of the earnings miss and unchanged guidance? Read Article

GPRO Stock: Why Q1 Earnings DON’T MATTER for GoPro Inc

GoPro (GPRO) stock is having a tough year. The market already expects a horrible Q1 from the wearable action camera, so it's all about guidance. Read Article

DDD Stock: Why 3D Systems Corporation Tumbled After Q1 Earnings

3D Systems (DDD) stock is off in morning trading on Thursday after some underwhelming Q1 results. Can the new CEO galvanize real change? Read Article

3 Stocks Activist Investors Suddenly HATE (AAPL, CP, LM)

Some big name activist investors are selling AAPL, LM and CP, but will that fundamentally hurt these stocks? Read Article

Should You Buy Or Sell Disney (DIS) Stock? 3 Pros, 3 Cons

Will Disney (DIS) stock rise as the new Shanghai park opens, or will concerns about ESPN dampen enthusiasm? Read Article

Male Vs. Female CEOs: Which Sex Gets Better Stock Returns? (GM, RAI, CPB)

What kind of returns can shareholders of CPB, GM, RAI and other stocks with female CEOs expect compared to stocks with male CEOs? Read Article

FIT Stock: Fitbit Inc Plunges … What Is Wall Street THINKING?

FIT stock is crumbling on Wednesday despite a phenomenal Q1 ... and despite raising FY 2016 guidance. Sometimes, the Street is just wrong. Read Article

PCLN Stock SEVERELY Beaten on Guidance — Is Priceline Group Inc a Steal?

Priceline (PCLN) stock is plunging after Q2 guidance fell way short of expectations. But is that reason to abandon all hope? Probably not. Read Article

Where Amazon.com, Inc. (AMZN) and Facebook Inc (FB) TRULY Shine

Facebook (FB) and Amazon (AMZN) investors are no doubt pretty satisfied nowadays. But did you know they both have a common growth engine? Read Article

Tesla Motors Inc (TSLA) Stock – This Is a Must-Win Situation

Tesla Motors (TSLA) reports earnings soon, and it does so with its chart in a precarious position. Tesla stock holders must watch out below. Read Article

ETSY Stock: Etsy Inc CRUSHES Revenue Estimates, Swings to Surprise Profit

ETSY stock is soaring after a great Q1 and a surprise swing to profitability. Is it time to buy in after this strong quarter? Read Article

FIT Stock: Fitbit Inc Slammed Ahead of Earnings… Unjustly!

Fitbit (FIT) stock is down quite a bit since its peak last summer at $51 per share. But the market seems far too negative on FIT before earnings. Read Article

Under Armour Inc: Join the Club, UA — China’s Ripping You Off!

Under Armour (UA) stock can't afford to have some Chinese impersonator ruin its international growth trajectory. "Uncle Martian" needs to go. Read Article

Baidu Inc (ADR): Why the BIDU Selloff Could Have Legs

Baidu (BIDU) stock is taking a hit after news of a potential scandal. This selloff isn't just temporary, and that's not the only warning sign. Read Article

TWTR Stock: Twitter Inc Lacks the Urgency That Makes Facebook Inc (FB) Great

Twitter (TWTR) stock is at risk of becoming increasingly irrelevant if it can't take a lesson or two from its rival, Facebook (FB). Read Article

Amazon.com, Inc: Why AWS Growth Is VITAL to AMZN Stock

Three Amazon Web Services (AWS) growth charts show various AWS growth rate metrics and illustrate just how important it is to AMZN stock. Read Article