401k & Investing Tips

3 Stocks Enduring PR Nightmares (VRX, CMG, SEAS)

Public perception is critical for any successful business, and VRX, CMG and SEAS have taken major hits to their reputations. Read Article

3 Brexit Pair Trade Ideas (BCS, VOD, BP)

Thursday's Brexit vote will be a risky but strong catalyst for BCS, VOD & BP. Pair trades shorting American counterparts could yield results. Read Article

Who To Follow On Twitter: A Stock Trader’s Guide

If you are wondering who to follow on Twitter to improve your stock trading, this definitive list of traders is a great place to start. Read Article

The Outsized Effect of Fintech on Bank of America (BAC) Stock

How will fintech affect the future of banks such as Bank of America (BAC)? It could end up having a sizable impact. Read Article

MBLY Stock: Why It’s a Great Time to Buy Mobileye NV

Mobileye (MBLY) stock is jumping today after getting initiated at "Buy" at Berenberg. Is it time to buy the high-growth stock? Read Article

SWHC Stock: It’s Time to Dive in With This Gun Stock

Smith & Wesson (SWHC) stock is soaring on Friday after the gun manufacturer reported incredible earnings and upbeat guidance. Time to buy? Read Article

Chipotle (CMG) Stock: Why $547 Price Target Is TOTAL BS

Chipotle (CMG) stock has had a rough 12 months. One analyst thinks a turnaround is imminent, but the signs don't look good. Read Article

3 Unique ETFs To Play The Oil Market Rebound (XLE, USL, OIH)

Now that oil prices have likely bottomed, XLE, USL and OIH are 3 ways that investors can add cheap long-term oil exposure to their portfolios. Read Article

SHAK Stock Gets $45 Price Target … But DON’T BITE on Shake Shack Inc

Shake Shack (SHAK) stock is pretty blatantly overvalued today, just as it was last May when I called its peak. Ignore today's "buy" rating. Read Article

FB Stock: Is Facebook Inc Getting Too Political?

Facebook (FB) stock could face long-term threats if it keeps sticking its nose in politics. It's an understated risk. Read Article

Apple Inc.: “Significant Innovations” in iPhone 8, But What About Now? (AAPL Stock)

Apple (AAPL) stock has cratered over the last year, but analysts are saying major updates are in store for the iPhone 8. So what? Read Article

How Did Microsoft Corporation’s 5 Largest Buyouts Turn Out? (MSFT)

Microsoft (MSFT) has made plenty of big buyouts in recent years, but LinkedIn (LNKD) could be the riskiest of all. Read Article

4/20 Sales Hit Highs … Is it Time to Buy Marijuana Stocks?

Cannabis sales are soaring across the country (at least in the places it's legal). It could be prime time to find marijuana stocks to buy. Read Article

In Defense of Hedge Funds …

Hedge funds are certainly not for everyone, but if utilized correctly they can reduce portfolio volatility without sacrificing returns. Read Article

XOM Stock: Why Analysts Are Warming Up to Exxon Mobil Corporation

Exxon (XOM) stock is up 16% this year as crude oil prices have bounced back from lows. Is it time to buy this oil major? Read Article

3 Student Loan Bubble Stocks to Short (NAVI, SLM, NNI)

Traders betting on the bursting of a student loan bubble think the bottom will soon fall out of NAVI, SLM and NNI. Read Article

The 3 Cheapest ETFs On The Market (SCHB, SCHX, VOO)

For investors looking for diversified ETFs without high fees that eat into returns, SCHB, SCHX and VOO are great long-term investments. Read Article

9 Stocks to Buy Now for 21%-Plus Profit Growth

The best stocks to buy now are the ones that are actually growing their profits -- specifically, their per-share earnings metrics. Read Article

3 Stocks Already Priced For Perfection (AMZN, NFLX, TSLA)

It will be extremely difficult for AMZN, NFLX and TSLA to justify much upside to their lofty current share prices in coming years. Read Article

Is Home Depot (HD) Stock a Buy? 3 Pros, 3 Cons

Home Depot has a strong market position and has consistently raised its dividend. Is Home Depot (HD) stock a buy? Read Article