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AAPL Stock Buyback: A Timely $58 Billion Infusion for Apple Inc.

Apple (AAPL) stock is near 52-week lows after a painful Q2 earnings report, making its $58 billion share repurchase program seem well-timed. Read Article

3 Companies Fighting Uncle Sam In Court (HAL, MSFT, FNMA)

Not only are HAL, MSFT and FNMA shareholders facing important courtroom battles, they are taking on the U.S. government. Read Article

Should You Buy Or Sell Twitter (TWTR) Stock? 3 Pros, 3 Cons

Twitter (TWTR) stock has had a tough go of it over the past year. Will new management be able to bring rising users and profitability? Read Article

3 ETFs That Are Up 30% In The Past Month (GASL, LABU, NUGT)

When you're on the right side of 300% leverage, ETFs like GASL, LABU and NUGT can really pay off in the short-term. Read Article

LNKD Stock: STELLAR Q1 Earnings Redeem LinkedIn Corp

LinkedIn (LNKD) stock is fully deserving of its after-hours applause as it beats on EPS, revenue, and guidance. Not bad! Read Article

Alphabet Inc: Tesla Motors Inc (TSLA) Notably Absent From GOOG Self-Driving Car Lobby Group

GOOG, Uber and others are forming a pro-self-driving-cars coalition. It's a smart move, but Tesla (TSLA) wants nothing to do with it. Read Article

Should You Buy Or Sell Microsoft (MSFT) Stock? 3 Pros, 3 Cons

Microsoft (MSFT) stock is down on an earnings miss. Will the cloud business' momentum power Microsoft back up to new highs? Read Article

FB Stock CRUSHES Earnings Again … Is Facebook Inc Unstoppable?

Facebook (FB) stock is surging after-hours on Wednesday following a blowout Q1 earnings report. It's truly in a class of its own. Read Article

3 OTC Stocks That Aren’t Typical Pinkies (FNMA, CSVI, KCLI)

There are plenty of sketchy stocks on the OTC market, but FNMA, KCLI and CSVI are all profitable companies with bright futures. Read Article

AAPL Stock: ABYSMAL Apple Inc. Earnings Put Focus on iPhone 7

Apple (AAPL) stock is cratering on Wednesday after horrendous Q2 earnings. Now, more pressure than ever is on the iPhone 7 to perform. Read Article

TWTR Stock Crashes on HORRIBLE Report … Is Twitter Inc Dying?

Twitter (TWTR) stock is cratering after hours following a miserable Q1 earnings report. Will the pain ever end? Read Article

Facebook Inc: Will Q1 Results Send FB Stock on Another Run?

Facebook (FB) stock could break out after Q1 earnings on Wednesday afternoon ... or it could suffer the same fate as MSFT, GOOG and IBM. Read Article

GPRO Stock: Will GoPro Inc EVER Get Its Act Together?

GoPro (GPRO) stock owners are fed up. It's time to rethink strategy as analysts heap scorn upon the action-camera maker. Read Article

Amazon (AMZN) Stock Boasts 3 Powerful Growth Engines

Can Amazon (AMZN) grow to become the next Wal-Mart (WMT)? Is AMZN stock a buy? It certainly has some attractive growth drivers... Read Article

3 Marijuana Stocks With Institutional Buyers (GWPH, OGRMF, TWMJF)

Many U.S. investors are leery of marijuana stocks, but institutional buyers have pulled the trigger on GWPH, TWMJF and ORGMF. Read Article

I Was Wrong: Under Armour, Inc. (UA) Stock Is a Screaming Buy!

Boy, oh, boy was I wrong about Under Armour (UA) stock. It's a screaming long-term buy here, as footwear sales jump 64%. Read Article

3 Stocks the Very Best Analysts Love (HON, SEIC, CYH)

Not every stock analyst is reliable, but three HON, SEIC and CYH bulls have the top track records on Wall Street. Read Article

The 3 Best Stocks In The 3 Worst Sectors (SLB, Citigroup, ABBV)

The cyclical downturn in the energy, financial and healthcare sectors has created buying opportunities in Citigroup, SLB and ABBV stocks. Read Article

Boeing Co: Are BA Stock’s Goals “Unachievable”?

Boeing (BA) stock fell on Wednesday after analyst concerns that its cash flow projections were WAY too optimistic. Read Article

3 Bank Stocks Leaning on Bullish Support (C, CUBI, ONB)

The recent bullishness in the Nasdaq Banking Index (BKX) has alerted Profit Scanner to three banks stocks to buy on technical support. Read Article