Dividend Stocks

best dividend stocksThe key to any successful portfolio is stable growth and few investments are more stable than dividend yielding stocks. The additional income from quarterly or even annual dividends gives you the flexibility to earn some cash, reinvest in the stock, or disperse the capital into other investments. Our advisors offer information on both the companies offering the most consistent dividends such as Proctor &Gamble or AT&T, as well as dividend stocks with room to grow such as IBM or Verizon.

We identify dividend paying stocks with high yields, monthly dividends, and other attractive KPIs.

Retail, REITs Top 8 Dividend Stocks Increasing Payouts

The first quarter now is officially in the books, and for dividend stocks increasing payouts, the pace was just OK. But we tacked 8 more companies onto the books recently. Read Article

3 Dividend Growth Stocks to Trump the Fed

For real protection against rising rates, you need stocks that not only hold out the prospect of ample “pay hikes” in years to come but also throw off a generous yield up front. Read Article

3 Infrastructure Stocks to Buy for Growing Dividends

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2 Dividend-Payers to Buy in the Tech Space

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3 Blue Chip Total Return Picks: MO, INTC, HCP

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5 Big-Yielding Utility Dividend Stocks to Buy

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VDIGX: Buy Vanguard Dividend Growth for Quality Yields

A record of regular dividend increases is both a sign of company strength and of the commitment of management to return value to shareholders. Read Article

The Top 10 Dow Dividend Stocks for April

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Dividend ETFs: Yield, Quality or Both?

Dividend investors have realized that it’s not all about the yield. To fashion a well-diversified portfolio they are going to need to straddle the lines a bit. Read Article

PCG: Earn Over 5% Dividend Yield With PG&E Preferred Stock

Shares of PG&E Corporation's (NYSE:PCG) 5% Redeemable 1st Preferred were yielding above the 5% mark based on its quarterly dividend. Read Article

5 Dividend Stocks That Give Small Caps a Good Name

Historically speaking, dividend stocks have almost exclusively been large caps. Not so any more. Small caps have quietly become worthy income vehicles. Here are five to mull. Read Article

3 Stocks Trading Ex-Dividend Today

Equity Lifestyle Properties, Inc. (NYSE:ELS), Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce (USA) (NYSE:CM) and Healthcare Trust Of America Inc (NYSE:HTA) all traded ex-dividend today for their respective upcoming dividends. Read Article

CSCO: Does Cisco Systems Belong in a Dividend Stock Portfolio?

Cisco's yield is good, though not great ... but what does make CSCO stock attractive is its potential for dividend hikes Read Article

3 High-Yield Stocks With Growth Potential

In a volatile market, investors should find ways to add dividend-paying stocks to their equity portfolio. HCP, BX and KMI are three high-yield stocks positioned to stay strong for years to come. Read Article

PG Stock Looks Good Over the Long Haul

PG is a bargain compared to its competitors, offers an impressive dividend and has a proven performance record. It's a value stock that’s hard to beat. Read Article

4 Monthly Dividend Stocks With Strong Yields

Monthly dividend stocks can be a reliable source of investment income -- and can be especially convenient for retirement investors trying to map out a budget. Read Article

Guess Who Pays a 5.2% Yield?

GES stock has fallen on hard times, but thanks to strong cash flow, its dividend looks sustainable. Read Article

Big Tech Tops 8 Dividend Stocks Increasing Payouts

While the FOMC fueled the action in the trading pits, on the dividend stocks front there were several very big names that moved to increase shareholder payouts. Rate hike or no rate hike, there will always be dividend stocks increasing payouts, and this week was no exception. Read Article

Earn Over 6.5% Yield From Citigroup Preferred Stock

In trading on Wednesday, shares of Citigroup Inc's (NYSE:C) 7.125% Fixed Rate/Floating Rate Noncumulative Preferred Stock, Series J were yielding above the 6.5% mark. Read Article

5 Can’t-Miss Dividend Stocks to Buy

Whether the Fed starts hiking rates in June, September or never, good dividend stocks like these five will continue to chug along, paying and raising dividends all the way. Read Article