Dividend Stocks

best dividend stocksThe key to any successful portfolio is stable growth and few investments are more stable than dividend yielding stocks. The additional income from quarterly or even annual dividends gives you the flexibility to earn some cash, reinvest in the stock, or disperse the capital into other investments. Our advisors offer information on both the companies offering the most consistent dividends such as Proctor &Gamble or AT&T, as well as dividend stocks with room to grow such as IBM or Verizon.

We identify dividend paying stocks with high yields, monthly dividends, and other attractive KPIs.

It’s OK to Keep Nibbling at Dividends (PG, BRK.B)

We could get a 'July classic,' or we could get a July correction. Either way, some decently valued dividends are fair game. Read Article

Ex-Dividend Reminder: General Electric (GE), Eagle Materials (EXP) and Pengrowth Energy (PGH)

General Electric, Eagle Materials and Pengrowth Energy are all going ex-dividend very shortly. Here's the dividend info you need to know. Read Article

Dividend Stocks Showdown: REITs vs. Utilities

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Why Airline Stocks Should Be on Your Income Radar

Recent dividend increases by airline stocks Southwest (LUV) and Delta (DAL) will become more norm than exception as airlines continue to reap the benefits of a less-crowded field. Read Article

5 Monthly Dividend Stocks With 5%-Plus Yields

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CAT, FDX Top 7 Dividend Stocks Increasing Payouts

While the world awaits the first rate hike in nearly seven years, the march of dividend stocks increasing payouts plods on. This week, the triple point men on the dividend stocks patrol were big construction, big shipping and big discount retail. Here are seven dividend stocks increasing payouts. Read Article

3 Insurance Companies Offering Cover and Cash

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GE Is Headed In the Right Direction, But Not a Buy Yet

General Electric's decision to spin off GE Capital is a step in the right direction for a company that has seen the price of GE stock fall by 24% in the last decade. Read Article

The Top 10 S&P 500 Dividend Stocks for June

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KKR Stock Will Get a Boost From High-Powered M&A

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3 Dividend Stocks You Can Use for Safe Harbor

Regional financials are among the best dividend stocks to target right now, as they can benefit from rising-rate environments while throwing off some income to boot. Read Article

High Dividend Alert: American Capital Agency (AGNC) Yields Over 12%

Last Friday, shares of American Capital Agency Corp (AGNC) were yielding above the 12% mark based on its monthly dividend (annualized to $2.40), with AGNC stock changing hands as low as $19.83 on the day. Read Article

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3 Dividend Stocks to Buy for Excellent Yields

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5 High-Yield Dividend Stocks From North of the Border

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