Dividend Stocks

best dividend stocksThe key to any successful portfolio is stable growth and few investments are more stable than dividend yielding stocks. The additional income from quarterly or even annual dividends gives you the flexibility to earn some cash, reinvest in the stock, or disperse the capital into other investments. Our advisors offer information on both the companies offering the most consistent dividends such as Proctor &Gamble or AT&T, as well as dividend stocks with room to grow such as IBM or Verizon.

We identify dividend paying stocks with high yields, monthly dividends, and other attractive KPIs.

Guess Who Pays a 5.2% Yield?

GES stock has fallen on hard times, but thanks to strong cash flow, its dividend looks sustainable. Read Article

Big Tech Tops 8 Dividend Stocks Increasing Payouts

While the FOMC fueled the action in the trading pits, on the dividend stocks front there were several very big names that moved to increase shareholder payouts. Rate hike or no rate hike, there will always be dividend stocks increasing payouts, and this week was no exception. Read Article

Earn Over 6.5% Yield From Citigroup Preferred Stock

In trading on Wednesday, shares of Citigroup Inc's (NYSE:C) 7.125% Fixed Rate/Floating Rate Noncumulative Preferred Stock, Series J were yielding above the 6.5% mark. Read Article

5 Can’t-Miss Dividend Stocks to Buy

Whether the Fed starts hiking rates in June, September or never, good dividend stocks like these five will continue to chug along, paying and raising dividends all the way. Read Article

3 Stocks Paying Dividends Next Week

Rayonier Inc. (NYSE:RYN), Ametek, Inc. (NYSE:AME) and The Western Union Company (NYSE:WU) will all pay their respective upcoming dividends on Mar. 31. Read Article

3 Dividend Stocks You Want in Your Corner

If it turns out the economy can't stand even a quarter-point (or eighth-point) increase in lending rates, the Fed can always backtrack. Read Article

5 Energy Dividend Stocks to Avoid

Falling oil prices and a strong dollar are combining to wipe out the profits from foreign energy companies. Here are five dividend stocks you should avoid. Read Article

INTC, MSFT: Don’t Count Intel and Microsoft Out Just Yet

Intel and Microsoft are facing the headwind of slow PC sales, but their dividend yields offer a meaningful source of support. Read Article

ARPI, SBY: Beware The House Flippers

SBY and ARPI are two REITs that cover the residential housing market and have taken advantage of the housing bubble. But there are better ways to play real estate than these two weak dividend stocks. Read Article

Dividend Smackdown: Chevron (CVX) vs. AT&T (T)

Chevron and AT&T have absorbed some bruises as of late, but that will just toughen them up for this Dividend Smackdown. Let's compare CVX stock and T stock. Read Article

Big Banks Lead 11 Dividend Stocks Increasing Payouts

This week’s cadre of dividend stocks increasing payouts can best be described as a parade of too-big-to-fail banks. As the Federal Reserve issued the results of its annual “stress test” check up on the nation’s financial institutions, nearly all received the green light to raise dividends and buy back shares. Read Article

2 Sin Stocks With Killer Dividends

While the S&P 500 is barely squeaking by with single-digit top- and bottom-line growth, Altria (MO) and Reynolds American (RAI) are still sinfully good dividend stocks to buy. Read Article

4 MLPs With Eye-Popping Yields

Many super high-yielding MLPs lie outside the boring and stable world of pipelines, gather systems and other midstream infrastructure .Here are four of the best high-yielding MLPs. Read Article

3 Office REITs For Big Dividends

There are plenty of bullish signs for office REITS today -- hiring is up, while rents and occupancy rates finally stabilized. Here are three office REITs that provide great dividends. Read Article

KO Stock’s Dividend Apparently Can’t Be KO’d

KO is the king of beverage companies and its healthy dividend reflects this. Despite its dominance, Coca-Cola is still finding ways to grow. Read Article

Dividend Smackdown: ExxonMobil (XOM) vs. McDonald’s (MCD)

It's oil major ExxonMobil Corporation (NYSE:XOM) and iconic American burger join McDonald’s Corporation (NYSE:MCD) in a dividend smackdown? Which stock is the better buy? Read Article

5 Cheap Dividend Stocks to Buy for Generous Payouts

These blue chips can be bought at cheap prices and offer the power of generous dividend yields to keep your portfolio growing. Read Article

SSS: Here’s What You Should Know About Sovran Self Storage

Back on Mar. 4, Sovran Self Storage Inc's (NYSE:SSS) Director, Stephen R. Rusmisel, invested $24,753.60 into 270 shares of SSS for a cost per share of $91.68. Read Article

Mortgage REITs Are a High-Yield Bargain

Stocks are expensive, but mortgage REITs continue to be great values, trading at large discounts to book values. Mortgage REITs still provide great values. Read Article

The Top 10 S&P 500 Dividend Stocks for March

The dividend stocks with the highest yields range from more than 5% to almost 20%, but the No. 1 payer won't stay there for long. Read Article