Dividend Stocks

best dividend stocksThe key to any successful portfolio is stable growth and few investments are more stable than dividend yielding stocks. The additional income from quarterly or even annual dividends gives you the flexibility to earn some cash, reinvest in the stock, or disperse the capital into other investments. Our advisors offer information on both the companies offering the most consistent dividends such as Proctor &Gamble or AT&T, as well as dividend stocks with room to grow such as IBM or Verizon.

We identify dividend paying stocks with high yields, monthly dividends, and other attractive KPIs.

2 Ex-Dividend Reminders: UDR, American Express (UDR AXP)

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Cash Dividend On The Way From Parkland Fuel (PKI)

Parkland Fuel will go ex-dividend on 9/18/15, and shareholders can expect a 9 cents per share monthly payout on 10/15/15. Read Article

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