July 17, 2013 at 11:01 am

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Seems like I’m hearing more of the “buy American” theme lately, whether it’s Michael Shulman, http://investorplace.com/247trader/cramer-is-right-ahhhh-invest-in-america/

Or recent commentary from Bryan Perry that, “It’s been a bad trade to be in the emerging markets. With higher interest rates, we catch a small cold; those markets catch the flu if rates spike.”

By the way, Bryan Perry has a new covered call trade on a good, ole U S of A company, Goodyear Tire (GT), based in Akron, Ohio, which isn’t too far from my neck of the woods:


“Everyone must choose two pains: The pain of discipline, or the pain of regret.” Jim Rohn

July 25, 2013 at 1:24 pm

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I am currently long General Electric (GE) and was lucky to get the 5% bounce they got from earnings last week. Although now its ascent has slowed to a crawl. My brokerage gives GE a “very bullish” rating and we saw a number of other American companies like Harley Davidson (HOG) and Ford (F) get big boosts from their latest earnings reports.

I remember that at the start of the year, everyone was saying that emerging markets were where you could bank serious gains because of their rapid growth. Fast forward a few months, and I’ve been reading about emerging markets bubbles that are forming all over the world: http://www.thebubblebubble.com/emerging-markets-bubble/

And most recently, we’ve heard that foreign capital is making its way back to the U.S. (presumably the best stock market in the world). I guess my question is, should we be worried that all of the foreign money coming to the U.S. may create another bubble in our own market?

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