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Kenya Terror Warnings: Hundreds of Tourist Evacuated

Kenya terror warnings issued by France, Britain, Australia and the U.S. in the wake of repeated bombings have prompted hundreds of tourists to flee Kenya. More 

APC Stock: Is Anadarko Buyout Bait?

Anadarko is finally out of the woods with regards to its legal liabilities. And that makes APC stock a big buy. More 

2 Oil Stocks Reaping the Rewards of African Oil Production

Africa is turning into a modern day gold rush for many oil stocks. The duo of TUWOY and CIE stock could be the best way to play it. More 

3 Attractive Low P/E ETFs For Investors to Consider Today

Many of the same biases towards U.S. ETFs are in place, despite the availability of underappreciated foreign stock ETFs available, including these...Read More. More 

CIE – A Big Energy Stock Bargain Is Brewing

A big recent drop in Cobalt International Energy has opened up a big opportunity for more adventurous investors. Here's why you should buy CIE stock. More 

6 of the Best Nelson Mandela Quotes

Nelson Mandela, the iconic South African leader who died on Thursday left behind a long list of powerful quotes. More 

Luxury Hotel Creates Shanty Town ‘Slum’ for Super-Rich

A South African luxury hotel has created a "safe" shanty town so guest can experience less upscale accommodations. More