Alternative Energy

The Fastest-Growing Source of Energy Power in U.S. Is …

Wind power has emerged as the fastest-growing source of energy power in the U.S. in 2012, doubling in capacity over the last year. More 

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Why Alternative Energy Is a Sucker’s Bet

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4 Ways to Tap Into Wind Power

Although the wind energy business is a difficult one, the DoE is funneling more money that way. Here are several interesting wind-related investments to consider. More 

FTC: If You Say ‘Eco-Friendly’ You Better Prove It

The Federal Trade Commission has released its newest guidelines defining what constitutes 'green' marketing, meaning firms will have to adapt their messages. More 

Solar Stocks: Wait Out the Tariff Wars

New U.S. duties on subsidized Chinese solar panels could do more harm than good. More 

First Solar Turns to Catch Shifting Rays

The company plans to focus on developing solar power plants and offering services to utilities rather than just selling solar panels. More