New Amazon Prime TV Shows Coming Jan. 15

Amazon has announced that several new Amazon Prime TV shows, seven dramas and comedies and six kids shows, will be coming on Jan. 15. More 

AMZN: Don’t Buy Any Optimism About Amazon

Amazon (AMZN) investors will likely battle over the optimism of bulls and the reality of a persistent decline in profits over the last four years. More 

Google (GOOG) Trouncing AAPL, AMZN in War for Living Room

Google Inc (GOOG) stock is primed to outperform AAPL and AMZN after announcing Google Cast for audio. The war for the living room is nearly in the bag. More 

Facebook Book Club: ‘The End of Power’ Climbs Amazon Ranks

Mark Zuckerberg's Facebook book club has changed the ranks on Amazon as members order copies of 'The End of Power' for the club. More 

DISH Network Announces Sling TV, Cord-Cutters Rejoice

DISH Network's new Sling TV will hasten the day of a-la-carte cable and satellite pricing, but we're still not quite there yet. More 

Amazon Sellers Sold a Record 2 Billion Items in 2014

Amazon sellers were able to ship over 2 billion items in 2014, which was a record for the company and made up 40% of its sales. More 

Voice Recognition Could Be the Next Tech Trend

Voice recognition technology is advancing leaps and bounds. But what's the best way to invest in our voice-recognizing future? More 

CES 2015: What to Expect

CES 2015 is expected to see 4K TV hit the mainstream, Chromebooks get bigger and wearables flood the market in advance of the Apple Watch More 

Kindle Fire Sales Surge, But Can Amazon Sustain the Pace?

Kindle Fire tablet sales were up in a big way on Black Friday, but don’t expect that to signal an era of Amazon tablets as serious contenders More 

Amazon News: What Is Kindle Unlimited?

Amazon has introduced a new feature called Kindle Unlimited that cost $9.99 a month and gives users access to over 700,000 books for free. More