Bear Market Predictions

Will the ‘Mini-Correction’ Turn Major?

While the correction is likely not over, it also is likely not going to be deeper than it already has been. More 

The New Cracks in Sovereign Debt

European electoral changes have dramatically altered risk sentiment in global markets. More 

Is the 3-Year Bull Market Rolling Over?

The bull market is past its three-year anniversary and is about to reach maturity based on historical average. More 

Rise Above the Chop With Credit Spreads

Credit spreads let you establish a semi-directional bet that gives the market a wide berth to flop around. More 

Is It Time to Short the Market?

Too many stocks are wildly overpriced given the weak underlying economic data. More 

Active Bear ETF: Insurance for Your Portfolio

Manager John Del Vecchio on why his Active Bear ETF isn't tied to an index -- and why it's a great hedge. More 

Technical Signs of a Slowdown

Europe's continued woes and heavier insider selling in the U.S. are some of the yellow flags, especially as the market's traditionally weak season approaches. More