Bear Market Predictions

VIX and Other Indicators Signal a Stock Slide

With the S&P 500 in seriously overbought territory, a correction looks to be near. Here are 3 ETFs that let you play the VIX. More 

3 ETFs to Buy for Pullback Profits

The S&P 500 is trading right at technical-resistance levels. Here's how to profit from the correction that's likely to take hold in the near future. More 

Is a Major Stock Market Correction Coming?

A normal correction would bring buying opportunities, but defensive moves are in order if a brutal bear market is ahead. More 

Navigating a Bear Market

Economic conditions and stock trends point to a bear market. Here are strategies for dealing with the situation. More 

Abrupt Rally Has Investors Puzzled, Wondering If It Will Last

The S&P spiked nearly 150 points in 5 trading days, the biggest rally in over half a year. Is this too far too fast, or are more gains ahead? More 

How to Navigate a News-Paralyzed Market

The market has been stuck in neutral for seven weeks. Good news on one day is followed by bad news the next. Even the market seems paralyzed and/or fatigued. More 

A 5-Step Plan for Dealing with the Looming Bear Market

Here are five specific steps to take to protect yourself from the looming bear market, preserve your sanity -- and even profit. More