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10 Best Stocks for 2012: The Results Are In

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If You Could Own Only 1 Stock for the Next 365 Days … What Would It Be?

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Foiled in 2012, Alcoa Stock Looking Up in ’13

Unless you believe that the global economy is doomed for decades, you should start plotting an early entry into cyclical plays like Alcoa. More 

ARCO: More Pressure on the Fallen Arches

Arcos Dorados' bad week falls right in line its bad year ... and there's little silver lining to soothe the woes of this Golden Arches franchiser. More 

Ranking InvestorPlace’s 10 Best Stocks for 2012 Through Q3

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Discover Stock: Still Cruising, Still a Buy

Discover Financial impressed again, riding a tailwind of loan growth and improved credit quality. And despite 60%-plus gains in 2012, DFS still looks appealing. More 

2012 Won’t Be CAT’s Year. But Stick Around

Have patience: Caterpillar's bargain valuation still makes it a long-term buy, despite its admission that the nearer term is looking much glummer than expected. More