Bill Ackman

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HLF Stock: Run From Herbalife (And Consider Ditching Other MLMs)

A newly opened probe into Herbalife should translate into an automatic "hands-off" warning for any investor even considering HLF stock right now. More 

Ackman Throws In His Soiled JCPenney Towel

In a completely unsurprising move, Bill Ackman's Pershing Square is selling its entire stake in struggling department store JCPenney. More 

The JCPenney Saga: Should Investors Swallow the Poison Pill?

"Poison pill" plans by publicly traded companies like JCPenney aren't bad in and of themselves -- it's why they're used that should color investors' views. More 

5 Stocks Crushing the Short Sellers

A rising tide lifts all boats -- even the most unseaworthy ones -- and that makes a raging bull market a terrible time to be a short seller. More 

Top Herbalife Salesman Dead in Apparent Suicide

A salesman who made millions of dollars a year selling Herbalife products reportedly killed himself at his Colorado home. More 

Bill Ackman Still Loves Beam, Burger King

Bill Ackman and Pershing Square held tight to JCPenney, Beam and Burger King through Q2, but did trade Mondelez in for Air Products and Chemicals. More 

When Will Ackman Finally Lose His Patience?

Ron Johnson appears to be running JCPenney into the ground, but Bill Ackman is likelier than not to give the CEO a few more quarters to play. More