Bitcoin News: Mt. Gox Finds 200K Missing Bitcoins in Old ‘Wallet’

In new bitcoin news, bankrupt bitcoin exchange Mt. Gox says it has found more than 20% of the bitcoins it previously claimed were missing from its systems. More 

What’s the Heck Is Going On With Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is getting ugly. The first rumblings came when Mt Gox, bitcoin's largest exchange began dragging its feet meeting redemptions. It's only gotten worse... More 

Winklevoss Twins Book Space Trip With Bitcoin

Virgin Galactic has signed up two more celebrities -- the Winklevoss Twins -- to take a ride into orbit on its SpaceShipTwo craft. More 

American Bitcoin Exchange CEO Autumn Radtke Found Dead

Singapore police do not consider last month's death of a 28-year-old bitcoin exchange CEO to be the result of foul play. More 

What We’ve Learned from The Bitcoin Bust

Bitcoin is a dangerous investment for our investors, as market swings are unpredictable, and the uncertainty is a concern. My advice is to stay away. More 

Bitcoin News: Mt. Gox Exchange Files for Bankruptcy

A major bitcoin exchange has filed for bankruptcy protection in Japan, saying that 850,000 bitcoins are missing from its systems. More 

Mt. Gox CEO Resigns From Bitcoin Board

The CEO of Mt. Gox has stepped down from the board of the Bitcoin Foundation. More