IBM Goes Big With $5 Billion Stock Buyback

IBM announced a $5 billion buyback today in an attempt to build some support after a slide in the stock price. More 

Best Buy Illustrates the Stupidity of Buybacks

Best Buy's repurchase of $3 billion of its stock during the past 28 months is a perfect example of why buybacks are a waste of money. More 

AOL Plans $600M Share Buyback, Special Dividend

AOL announced on Monday that it would repurchased $600 million in shares and issue a special dividend in December to return $1.1 billion to shareholders. More 

Hey, Government, AIG Wants Its Shares Back

Insurer AIG is looking to buy back shares currently owned by the U.S. Treasury, meaning the government could soon be a minority stakeholder. More 

Green Mountain Cuts Outlook, Plans Buyback

Green Mountain Coffee Roasters saw its profits grow and beat estimates in Q3, but announced plans for a buyback after lowering its forecast for the year. More 

Herbalife Announces Gains in Q2, Increases Dividend

Herbalife announced strong Q2 earnings and also upped its dividend Monday, sending the stock up 5% in early after-hours trading. More 

17 Companies Spending $2 Billion on Stock Buybacks Every Year

After years on the rise, stock buybacks are declining. But several companies still spend billions on buybacks each year -- though they don't always pay off. More 

The (Nearly) Impossible-to-Replicate … AutoZone?

AutoZone has enjoyed an uncanny amount of success with its glut of stock buybacks -- a feat many other companies have tried (and failed) to repeat. More 

Why Apple’s Buyback Plan Misses the Mark

It won't really slow dilution, and it's very likely to lead to more costly and ineffective buybacks down the road. Apple could have taken a better approach. More 

VIDEO: Navellier’s Stocks to Buy on CNBC

InvestorPlace's Louis Navellier talks about the favorable stock buyback environment, as well as some of his stock picks. More