CEOs and Corporate Leadership

Teradyne CEO to Step Down, Replacement Named

Teradyne says its current CEO Michael Bradley will retire in January and be succeeded by current president Mark Jagiela. More 

GM CEO May Retire Next Year

Sources tell Reuters that GM's CEO may leave the company in 2014, but hasn't yet notified the board of any departure plans. More 

Office Depot Names New CEO

A week after its merger with OfficeMax was completed, Office Depot has tapped Roland Smith as its new chief executive. More 

Family Dollar COO ‘Fired’ by Warehouse Employee

The COO of Family Dollar, posing as a low level employee, was fired from a warehouse job at the chain during a TV reality show. More 

Microsoft Could Abandon Bing, Xbox If …

Stephen Elop, who is considered a contented to succeed Steve Ballmer as CEO at Microsoft, could refocus the company away from Bing and the Xbox. More 

Apple CEO Stands Up for Gay Rights in the Work Place

Tim Cook published an opinion piece in the Wall Street Journal backing legislation to end workplace discrimination against gays and lesbians. More 

Teva CEO Resigns 2 Days After Denying Resignation Plans

Despite earlier denials, Teva Pharmaceutical says that Jerry Levin will resign as CEO after disagreeing with the board over its restructuring. More