Harley Revs Up Income: 19 Dividend Stocks Increasing Payouts

Earnings season continues, and with it come new dividend stocks that are increasing payouts to investors. This week's list includes 19 companies. More 

Nasdaq No Longer Second-Biggest U.S. Stock Exchange

A merged entity between BATS and Direct Edge will leapfrog the Nasdaq to become the second-largest U.S. stock exchange. That is, unless Nasdaq makes its own deal. More 

Shortlist Amazon (AMZN) and CME Group (CME) for Short Setups

The S&P is showing a curious trend--it has not yet created a lower low to its higher highs. So pickings are slim for shorts, but AMZN and CME are the two you should keep on your watch list. More 

High-Speed Trader Slapped With 3.1M in Fines

Panther Energy Trading is being fined $3.1M for illegally manipulating the prices of its futures contracts. More 

CME Group (CME) Call Trade Opportunity

Here's a good trade for increased volatility ahead -- and two ways to play it depending on whether you want to edge in cautiously or not. More 

Downgrades Vs. Earnings Estimates

Downgrades and changes to earnings estimates can dramatically impact a stock's price. More 

Trade of the Day: CME Group (CME)

This stock is extremely well positioned to take advantage of increased volatility in interest rates. More