Companies Increasing Dividends

The 5 Most Dependable Dividends In Energy

The energy sector is beloved by income investors everywhere, and that's in part thanks to these five stocks that have juiced their dividends for decades. More 

Whole Foods Gets Tastier: 23 Companies Increasing Dividends

Whole Foods and Halliburton lead a mammoth list of companies increasing dividends. More 

BP Pumps it Up: 18 Companies Increasing Dividends

Another big week for dividend increases, as 18 companies, including oil giant BP, raised dividends More 

Visa Offers More Cash Back: 19 Companies Increasing Dividends

Visa and Honeywell led a long list of 19 companies increasing dividends this week. More 

Goldman Sachs Opens the Vault: 18 Companies Increasing Dividends

Abbott Laboratories (ABT) and Goldman Sachs (GS) led a big week of dividend increases that saw 18 companies pledge to toss more coin at investors. More 

UTX Ups Its Payout: 6 Companies Increasing Dividends

United Technologies (UTX) was among only a few companies improving their quarterly dividends during this highly volatile week. More 

45 Blue-Chip Stocks Increasing Dividends in Q3 2013

These 45 blue chips pleased income investors during Q3 by announcing bigger quarterly dividends -- and some of them have yet to go ex-dividend. More 

Lockheed Dividend Soars: 10 Companies Increasing Dividends

Lockheed, Campbell and Accenture led the 10 companies on our Companies Increasing Dividends list for the week of September 23-27 More 

MSFT, MCD Deliver: 17 Companies Increasing Dividends

Microsoft and McDonald's led the way in what was a busy week for dividend increases, with 17 companies making the list for the week of September 16 More 

PM Fires Up an Increase: 8 Companies Increasing Dividends

Dividend increases rose in the week after Labor Day, with Philip Morris the biggest name of 8 companies increasing dividends. More