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Defense Stocks

Let Raytheon Build Your Bottom Line

Raytheon has been right alongside defense stocks in their upward march of 2013, and with resistance recently falling, the sky's the limit. Consider this options trade. More 

Pentagon: No Plans to Scrap the F-35

Defense officials say that despite on-going discussions of military budget cuts Lockheed Martin's F-35 fighter jet program will not be cancelled. More 

6 Defense Stocks Rising Above the Sequester

This week’s strong earnings reports from defense stocks illustrate how the Pentagon’s biggest contractors are managing to rise above the sequester storm. More 

5 High-Flying Aerospace/Defense Stocks

These defense stocks are pulling their weight -- and with decent levels of volatility. Consider these names for call options. More 

Air Force Lets Booze Allen Off Hook Over Snowden

An Air Force review has cleared Booz Allen Hamilton of knowing about, facilitating or condoning the leak of classified material by a former employee. More 

What’s the Plan, Ben?

Select sectors are looking ripe for the picking, no thanks to a lack of guidance from the Fed More 

Bull’s Eye Report: DigitalGlobe (DGI)

This defense stock is showing remarkable strength within the sector, and could make a great short- or long-term hold. More 

4 Call Contenders: Aerospace and Defense on the Move

Given that my latest Trade of the Day focused on a defense name, it's no surprise that my system has identified that this space is strong overall. More 

Boeing to Fix All Dreamliner Batteries Before June

With some airlines already returning 787 Dreamliners to service, Boeing says that repairs to the rest of the fleet will be finished by the end of June. More 

Are Defense Stocks the Same as Defensive Stocks?

You may not buy your flat-screen TV, but how many people stop smoking in an economic downturn or stop going to the doctor? More