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Dividends are an often overlooked but crucial part of a successful retirement strategy. These quarterly offerings can provide a regular “paycheck” for retirees. Learn more about dividend stocks, including updates about companies improving their payouts.

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Ex-Dividend Reminders: Herman Miller, Exponent and Curtiss-Wright

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Is Best Buy a Dividend Stock to Own? (BBY)

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Cummins Named Top 10 Dividend Stock (CMI)

Cummins has been named as a Top 10 dividend stock according the most recent Dividend Channel with a yield of nearly 4%. More 

Why ADP Was Named Top 25 SAFE Dividend Stock-ADP

Automatic Data Processing has been named to the Dividend Channel's SAFE list as a company that consistently increases its dividends More 

Why DUK is the ‘Top Dividend Stock’ of the Dow Utilities

Duke Energy has been named as the Top Dividend Stock of the Dow Utilities according to Dividend Channel with a 4.8% yield. More 

Why Con Edison Was Named a Top 25 ‘SAFE’ Dividend Stock

Consolidated Edison has been named to the Dividend Channel' SAFE list of dividend payers based on its two-decades history of dividend payments More