Arista Networks IPO Soars on Hopes of Cracking Cisco

The Arista Networks IPO shows that investors are warming up to tech offerings, but this next-gen network operator has a handful of headwinds to overcome yet. More 

Friday Apple Rumors: October Launch for Curved OLED Touchscreen iWatch

Apple to debut curved OLED smartwatch in October; PayPal explores TouchID integration in payment apps; and AAPL stock splits 7-for1 after trading on Friday. More 

The 10 Weirdest “One Weird Trick” Ads

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Is Alibaba IPO the Last Sign of a Popping Tech Bubble?

Alibaba IPO talk has resulted in a lot of buzz, and the company is valued at as much as $200 billion by some tech experts. But is that way too high, and perhaps a sign of a bubble popping in tech. More 

Biggest Movers in Services Stocks Now – OIBR TSU TV STN

Services stocks declined broadly on Wall Street on Wednesday, with the sector seeing an overall decline of 0.1%. NYSE:OIBR, NYSE:TSU, NYSE:TV, NYSE:STN, NASDAQ:DISCB, NASDAQ:SHLD, NYSE:RYN, NYSE:CBD, NASDAQ:URBN, NASDAQ:IEP, NASDAQ:TRS, NYSE:CHS, NYSE:CRI, NASDAQ:EBAY, NASDAQ:APOL, NASDAQ:ASNA, NASDAQ:PZZA, NYSE:EDU, NYSE:BID, NYSE:ANN More 

5 Stocks to Sell in June

The market is making record highs, but these names sure aren't. Weak technicals suggest plenty more downside to come, which makes them stocks to sell. More 

Here’s Why Banking’s Future Belongs to Tech Stocks

Banking via iPhone is not that far off based on consumer tastes and the increasing move away from physical bank branches and toward digital and mobile transactions. More