Economic Data

Average Gas Prices Headed Lower for 2014

The AAA says that Americans will see lower average gas prices in the U.S. this year, down at least 5 cents on average from 2013. More 

What You Need To Know (Before You Go)

It's beginning to look more and more like Christmas, but before you take that time off, consider some of the important economic data we got this week More 

November Retail Sales Improve More Than Expected

U.S. retail sales grew 0.7% in November, topping economists forecasts, as auto and electronics sales climbed. More 

American Wealth Closes in on Pre-Recession Levels

The Federal Reserve says that over the summer the net worth of U.S. households came within 1% of the pre-recession high. More 

The Rise of America’s ‘New Rich’

Well educated professionals who produce high incomes during at least part of their lives are part of the "new rich," an emerging U.S. demographic. More 

Economic Data Flashes Mostly “Green” Signals for Investors

A slew of economic data last week leads me to believe that we won't see the Fed "taper" anytime soon. Here's why... More 

Economic Factors Will Drive Markets Higher Towards Year-End

Economic signs point towards markets moving higher as we move towards year end, while 2014 could be challenging. More