Election 2012

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10 Events That Shaped Financial Markets in 2012

Events from the past year will help to shape what happens in 2013, and here's a list of what might be good for investors in the upcoming year More 

GOP Mega-Donor Spent $150M on Election

Casino mogul Sheldon Adelson says he spent $150 million in support of the GOP during the 2012 general election, but is still socially liberal on many issues. More 

Catching Up On November’s Events and Market Movers

November was a very busy month, from the Presidential Election results to the recovery efforts from Superstorm Sandy so let's take a look back at the economics More 

Romney, Obama Do Lunch

President Barack Obama and Mitt Romney met for lunch today, fulfilling a promise the president made after defeating the Republican candidate for the presidency. More 

3 Reasons MSNBC Won’t ‘Catch Up’ to Fox

MSNBC may have gained in the ratings during election coverage, but it sure won't catch up to Fox any time soon. Here are three reasons why. More 

Obamacare Will Tip Economy Into Recession

The tough reality of Obamacare is that the law will aggravate the stagflationary environment and push us into recession. Here's how to be ready. More 

Post-Campaign Mitt Romney Spotted at Gas Station

Mitt Romney was spotted buying gasoline at a California gas station this week, looking a little rumpled in a photo posted on Reddit. More