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International Taxes on the G8 Agenda

There’s more than a twist of irony that the G8 Summit occurred this week in Northern Ireland as the Republic of Ireland is a tax-friendly nation. More 

How to Play Newly Fracking-Friendly Britain

England might have sparked a shale gas revolution there by giving a green light to fracking. Investors don't have many options, but you can start with these two stocks. More 

Surprising Findings About E-Book Prices

A survey has found that retailers have been charging more for some e-books than the hardback versions. More 

Northern Rock vs. Gold Was No Contest

U.S. investors looking for a cautionary tale would be advised to read further as the exploits of a now-defunct mortgage company compare to gold investors More 

It’s Time for Gold to Break Out

Monetary policy, politics, and government spending are all adding up to a point where the precious metal is again an investors favorite choice More 

Olympics Boost Adidas Earnings

Sales of Olympics merchandise have helped the company earn back all the money it spent sponsoring the games. More 

Olympic Sponsors: Which Will Have You Going For the Gold?

For once, the biggest news out of Europe doesn't have anything to do with the public debt drama and dash as eyes are instead focused on the 2012 Olympics More