Europe in Crisis

Bulls vs. Bears: Who to Believe

As of the FOMC meeting yesterday, rates remain low, a bullish sign. But if investors get spooked by changes ahead, the slowing economy and brewing trouble in Europe may spark a pullback. More 

Gold Jumps on Cyprus Bank Bailout Plans

Plans to confiscate part of private bank deposits as part of Cyprus' bailout plan renewed fears about Europe's economic crisis, sending gold higher on Monday. More 

U.S. Stocks Look Better After Cyprus Crunch

While the Cyprus bailout (and never-ending eurozone debt crisis) is hardly anything to cheer about, it's actually good news for U.S. stocks. Here's why. More 

Gold Jumps on German Bank Head Comments

Remarks from the head of Germany's central bank warning that the eurozone's economic crisis is not over sent gold up sharply on Tuesday. More 

Beware Bank of America (BAC)

BAC has massive exposure to European debt stability, and bulls should steer clear. More 

Uh Oh, Global Manufacturing Is Cooling Off

PMIs released show that global manufacturing is slowing down. That's worrisome, since manufacturing tends to be the first thing to go as economies turn south. More 

What to Watch as the Dow Closes in on Record Highs

Forget 14164.53 -- investors should be focused on the technicals and fundamentals getting the Dow Jones there, and where they'll take the index next. More 

3 Reasons Europe’s Crisis is Worsening

News Flash: The financial problems in Europe are not contained regionally, nor are they contained globally. This is not a scare tactic as Paul Krugman-types say More 

Gold Retreats as Greek Debt Talks Resume

Gold slipped in Monday trading as investor attention turned back to European talks over the latest Greek bailout. More 

Greek Debt Talks Break With No Agreement

European leaders and financial institutions failed to reach a deal on a new bailout for Greece after a second week of talks, but will return next week. More