Europe in Crisis

European Financials: Look, Don’t Touch

Despite the sector's strong run lately, the eurozone is still a mess. No need to rush in yet -- wait for the next shoe to drop before buying. More 

The Eurozone’s at It Again — Thursday’s IP Market Recap

The eurozone fell back into recession and U.S. jobless claims hit an 18-month high, sparking enough pessimism to keep the markets grounded. More 

Eurozone Slips Into Recession … Again

Europe's economy has contracted for two consecutive quarters, putting it back into recession, and economists say it will likely worsen in the current quarter. More 

Is the Election About Lost Dreams Or New Promises?

The election is finally upon us, and by Wednesday lots of questions will be answered, but big problems remain for the winner to try and figure out in the future More 

Goldman Sachs May Cash In on UBS’ Retreat

The big margin on Wall Street in is bonds -- and a major player just bowed out. More 

Lessons From Europe for an American Abroad

A trip to Italy and England yields insights on Apple, Detroit, U.S. presidential politics and more -- including why the Italian economy is stuck in a rut. More 

Europe Is Still the Main Stage

Forget the notion that Romney's debate win had investors cheering. It's the ECB's moves that are moving markets more than anything else. More 

Q4 Economic Outlook: Weakness Everywhere

Except for the achingly slow U.S. housing recovery, it's tough to find any upside -- all around the globe. Central banks are doing all the heavy lifting. More 

2012 Won’t Be CAT’s Year. But Stick Around

Have patience: Caterpillar's bargain valuation still makes it a long-term buy, despite its admission that the nearer term is looking much glummer than expected. More 

Markets Are Playing a Global Game of Crisis Whack-a-Mole

Spain, China, oil ... as soon as one crisis recedes from the headlines, another threat to the market and economy boils up. More