Facebook IPO

Facebook Crushes Earnings, Mobile Ad Sales, Competitors – Linkfest (July 24)

Find out why Facebook is crushing earnings and how the Shiller CAPE index can be an investor's best friend. in today's linkfest. More 

SINA – This Hot Chinese Internet Stock Just Got Even Hotter

In early Wednesday trading, SINA stock surged more than 13% after reporting blowout Q3 earnings. This Chinese Internet stock is hot ... and getting hotter. More 

2 IPOs to Catch When You Can!

Univision and Eventbrite are two candidates for IPO's in the next year, and I would spend time looking at each one as they are strong candidates for investment. More 

5% of Twitter Users Are Fake

In its S-1 filing, Twitter confirmed that some users are fraudulent, but the amount is comparable to Facebook's fake users at the time of its IPO. More 

U.S. Government to Examine Legality of Facebook Facial Recognition Software

The action focuses on Facebook's "Tag Suggest" feature --which uses facial recognition technology to match faces in photos with public profile features. More 

Facebook Investors Might Not Bail Despite New Highs

You might expect Facebook stock to suffer as holders who got in early can finally cash out on a profit ... but there's a few things that could prop up FB instead. More 

Pub Owner Using Facebook as a Bouncer

A pub owner in California is using Facebook to check guests' backgrounds before they are allowed in. More 

Florida Frat Used Facebook to Sell Drugs, Share Nude Pics of Women

A Florida chapter of Pi Kappa Alpha is suspended after someone leaked screen shots of the frat using Facebook to sell drugs and post naked pictures of female students without their consent. More 

5 Things You Should Hate About Facebook

Ah, Facebook -- the social media titan everyone loves to hate. And justifiably so. More 

Nasdaq Quietly Eats a $10M Wrist-Slap for Botching Facebook

Nasdaq has agreed to a $10 million settlement with the SEC over the botched Facebook IPO. Now, it just needs time for everyone to forget it. More