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Oops! Army Pays Out $16M to AWOL Soldiers

A new audit shows that for more than two years, the U.S. Army paid $16 million to service members who were declared AWOL or deserters. More 

Government Shutdown Looms if Funding Bill Not Signed by Sept. 30

The GOP leadership in the House is facing a rebellion by Tea Party members that has delayed a spending bill vote as a government shutdown looms. More 

Bernanke Says What Everyone Needed to Hear

Bernanke's staying the course with bond purchasing for now -- and that could be enough to keep the markets ticking along. Here's why. More 

Hints of the End of QE Have Traders Spooked

The price action in mortgage REIT American Capital Agency (AGNC) shows that retail investors have no qualms about turning tail from Fed-supported sectors if QE tapers off. More 

Where Does the Fed Get Its Money?

Does the Fed really print money? Find out now! More 

White House Backs Plan to End ‘Budget-Cut’ Flight Delays

The White House is supporting a plan from U.S. Senate Majority leader Harry Reid to reallocate federal funds to end the furloughing of air traffic controllers. More 

Lockheed Martin Will Lose $825M to Sequester Cuts

Lockheed Martin says that defense spending reductions due to the sequester will dent its annual revenue by $825 million this year. More