Federal Spending

Budget Cuts Hit the Smithsonian

The Secrettary of the Smithsonian Institution has told Congress that the museum will have to cancel or delay exhibits and close galleries due to budget cuts. More 

Does the Fed Think Old People Are Really that Stupid?

The Fed and its policies are almost unfairly hurting retirement investors, and its high time they stopped thinking we are all just stupid and don't get it. More 

3 Companies That Are Cashing In on Higher Gas Taxes

While we will all be spending more at the pump soon thanks to higher gas taxes, these three stocks could actually help you profit on that reality. Take a look. More 

Obama to Return 5% of His Presidential Pay

President Barack Obama says he will return a portion of his salary to highlight the pain felt by federal workers due to sequester-imposed budget cuts. More 

Report: $700M in Katrina Relief Missing

Federal investigators say they cannot account for $700 million in grants given to Louisiana homeowners to elevate their homes in the wake of Hurricane Katrina. More 

Donald Trump Offers to Keep White House Tours Going

Real estate mogul Donald Trump -- egged on by Newt Gingrich -- is offering to pay to resume the White House tours canceled by the sequester. More 

What to Watch as the Dow Closes in on Record Highs

Forget 14164.53 -- investors should be focused on the technicals and fundamentals getting the Dow Jones there, and where they'll take the index next. More