Federal Spending

Sequester Fears Drive Gold Lower

Gold fell more than 1% in Wednesday trading as traders contemplated deep cuts in federal spending and a lack of new stimulus proposals from the Federal Reserve. More 

What We Should Know About Sequestration

This week, the looming mandatory budget cuts are dominating the news and in many cases the drama is overplayed. Let's take a closer look. More 

The Trillion-Dollar Question: Is Inflation Brewing?

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The Negative GDP Number Explained

While the -0.1% GDP growth technically means recession, there are two very simple factors that are likely behind the figure. More 

Understanding QE and What It Means for Your Portfolio

The Fed's easy money policy is about the biggest thing around these days for influencing investments. But politics isn't too far behind. More 

Ben Has Spoken. Now Buy Gold.

While the short-term reasons gold fell below its 50-day MA are certainly valid, the real cause of gold’s popularity is the Fed’s monetary policy, and that isn’t going to change anytime soon. More 

Debt Ceiling Solution: $1 Trillion Coins?

Could the U.S. government avoid the debt ceiling crisis by minting a new $1 trillion platinum coin? Some people seem to think so. More