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How to Manage Your Money In Your 20s, 30s, and 40s

Your 2os are the critical decade for your financial future, but steps along the way in your 30's and 40's help, too. Here are some tips for each decade More 

The Retirement Compounders Dividend Strategy Still Works

Starting with lessons learned in "Securities Analysis" I developed a model and investing profile that serves me today as well as when I started in 1971. More 

4 Tips for Income Investors

These are tough times for income focused investors as interest rates have dragged down monthly cash flow and staying out of trouble has never been so hard More 

Make Portfolio Diversification a Key Investment Tool

The investment portfolio landscape has changed over the last 10 to 15 years with high volume trading and ETF's, so a larger diversification effort is required More 

5 Moves to Make Right Now to Protect Your Financial Future

Investors are wise to look over their financial goals in a rational manner in order to prioritize actions, and these five ideas can both help and save you money More 

Give Your Kids the Gift of Financial Savvy

Some 44% of teens expect to be financially worse off than their parents. You can do a lot to prevent that from happening. More 

5 Worst and Best Ways to Use a Tax Refund

It's easy to waste your 'windfall.' Here's how to make it pay off -- and how to stop sending Uncle Sam an interest-free loan with every paycheck. More