Financial Reform

Feds Profit on AIG, but TARP Is Still a Loss

Taken all together, the government bailouts may not be a moneymaker, but economically and socially they've been a success. More 

A Private-Public Partnership Worth Promoting

While many in the media focus on the necessity of fiscal stimulus, the UK is preparing to embark on a different strain, which may prove ultimately more successful -- and profitable. More 

Option Plays for Election Outcomes

Both the stock market and politics are couched in uncertainty. The good news is options are perfect when it comes to hedging your portfolio for such circumstances. More 

Wall Street Reform Turns Two: Is It Working?

Dodd-Frank -- all 848 pages of it and still only 30% complete -- has had its victories, its failures ... and its unintended consequences. More 

JPMorgan: The Bank That Kicked the Regulatory Hornets’ Nest

The financial industry had mostly adjusted to new rules this year, but a trading fiasco at JPMorgan has put the Volcker Rule back into play. More 

How to Fix Financial Services Regulation

A reworking of the joint and several liability structure as applied to banking may be a solution to the increasing problems of the banking industry More 

3 Things to Know About Inverse ETFs

Here's why regulators have declared war on these ETFs and the brokers that sell them to investors like you. More