Fiscal Cliff

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Sequester Cuts Claim Navy Blue Angels

The remaining 2013 performances for the Navy's Blue Angels stunt-flying team have been cancelled due to budget cuts related to sequestration. More 

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U.S. Index ETFs Continue January Rally

After a heady start to 2013, major index ETFs and stock indexes approach all time highs, long term resistance, overbought levels and fundamental resistance. More 

What Traders are Tracking

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4 Dividend Stocks to Buy After the Fiscal Cliff Selldown

Nowadays, everyone knows what the fiscal cliff is all about and now that the shouting is over it's time to look at dividend stocks to buy on market dips More 

Profit From the Bond Rebound

Treasuries -- as well as the TLT bond ETF -- have fallen amid the fiscal cliff deal-sparked rise in equities, but TLT might be primed for an oversold bounce. More 

5 Reasons Post-Cliff Bullishness Should Continue

The deal literally accomplished nothing to improve the direction or arc of the nation's debt, but it's not all doom and gloom. More