Food Prices

Sorry, Meat Lovers! Beef Prices Hit Record High

Beef prices are hitting record highs after a harsh winter reduced cattle herds that were already thinned by a lingering drought in the Midwest. More 

Why Grocery Store Beef Prices Are on the Rise

Experts say beef prices in the U.S. will rise sharply this year due to a steep drop in cattle herds due to bad weather. More 

Get Ready for Higher Beef Prices

Beef prices will rise due to disruptions from the cold weather recent experienced across the Midwest. More 

Good News: Thanksgiving Dinner Won’t Gobble Up Your Paycheck

The annual index tracking prices for a traditional Thanksgiving dinner menu shows that costs have remained relatively stable year-over-year. More 

Cheap Lobster Means Cheap Lobster Rolls, Right? Hardly

Lobster prices are low, but lobster rolls remain expensive. For consumers, that's just par for the course. More 

Perk Up! Coffee’s Starting to Brew Big Profits

J.M. Smucker just announced a java-fueled boost in its earnings thanks to tanking bean prices -- news that bodes well for stocks like SBUX and DNKN. More 

Beef Prices at All-Time High … and Expected to Rise

A lingering drought in Midwestern states is reducing cattle herds and driving up feed costs, sending beef prices to record levels. More