Food Prices

Drought Has Food Prices Set to Spike in 2013

Meat, dairy and just about everything we eat will cost more soon, thanks to the drought -- and soaring prices for corn and soy. More 

Why the Price of Milk Could Double Very Soon

If Congress doesn't reauthorize the Farm Bill by the end of the year, milk prices could increase by as much as 400% in January. Other food prices could be hit as well. More 

Wal-Mart Plans Another Attempt to Win Over Japanese

Wal-Mart has announced plans to open another 22 stores in Japan, as the retailer thinks the changing Japanese market has opened some new doors. More 

Bacon Lovers Beware, Shortage Is on the Way

Global drought conditions have pig producers cutting their herds to save money, leading to an ‘unavoidable’ shortfall. More 

5 Overlooked Goods Suffering From Inflation

There's plenty of ado about oil prices, and rightfully so. But these other widely used but lesser-ballyhooed products also have been creeping up in price. More 

5 Things QE3 Won’t Fix

Bernanke made a massive move to try and crank up the economy, but it's hardly omnipotent. Even Big Ben is saying the real fixes can come only from policymakers. More 

August Consumer Prices Post Biggest Jump Since 2009

The Labor Department reported on Friday morning that the Consumer Price Index rose 0.6% in August, the most in three years, but matching expectations. More