Food Prices

America’s Economic Outlook for 2013: Nothing to Scream About

Even if Washington manages to successfully navigate the fiscal cliff, the U.S. likely won't see anything more than lackluster growth in 2013. More 

Newark Mayor to Eat on $4 a Day

Newark Mayor Cory Booker will be spending the next week living off of food stamps, answering a challenge levied by one of his Twitter followers. More 

France Fights the Fat With ‘Nutella Tax’

In an attempt to make France less fat, the senate approved a new tax on palm oil called 'The Nutella Amendment.' More 

Rising Thanksgiving Costs May Gobble Up Your Paycheck

Your wallet may feel the Thanksgiving squeeze just as much as your waistline because prices for holiday food, fun and travel sure aren't cheap. More 

Peanut Butter Prices Will Pleasantly Surprise Next Year

Good news for lovers of peanut products: a bumper crop thanks to cooperating weather should mean lower prices by 2013. More 

Restaurant Stocks: Good, Bad and Ugly

Food joints tossed out a mixed bag of earnings so far this quarter. Here's who dished out delicious numbers … and whose numbers weren’t quite as appetizing. More 

Drought Has Food Prices Set to Spike in 2013

Meat, dairy and just about everything we eat will cost more soon, thanks to the drought -- and soaring prices for corn and soy. More