Gas Prices

Walmart to Slash Gas Prices to Lure Shoppers

With consumer spending constrained by high gas prices, discount retailer Walmart will reduce gas prices by 15 cents per gallon from April 1 through July 7. More 

Mighty Casey’s General Stores Strikes Out

Casey's General Store swung and missed last quarter thanks to the payroll tax and higher gas prices -- a bad sign for the economy as a whole. More 

Still-High Gas Prices: A State-By-State Look

Last month, consumer costs spiked the most in more than three years thanks in large part to rising prices at the pump. Since then, things haven't gotten much better. More 

Consumer Prices Post Largest Increase Since 2009

The Labor Department's consumer price index jumped 0.7% in February, its largest montly rise since 2009, driven mostly by sharply higher gas prices. More 

Plan Ahead for Higher Gas Prices

We're seeing some variance in commodity prices, but unleaded gasoline is at 11-month highs. More 

Ethanol Law Could Lead to Rise in Gas Prices

A spike in the cost of ethanol for gasoline might lead to an increase in the price at the pump ... and soon. More 

What to Watch as the Dow Closes in on Record Highs

Forget 14164.53 -- investors should be focused on the technicals and fundamentals getting the Dow Jones there, and where they'll take the index next. More