Gas Prices

Rising Gas Prices: A State-By-State Look

Gas prices have risen every day for weeks, meaning consumers aren't just getting pinched at the pump -- they're getting punched. See how your state stacks up. More 

Gas Prices Rise 32 Days in a Row

After rising for 32 straight days, the average price for a gallon of gasoline is now at a four-month high. More 

Consumers Paying Record Gas Prices for February

Gas prices have risen to their highest recorded level for early February as crude oil prices rise and refineries shut down. More 

Gas Could Soon Hit $4 a Gallon in One State

With crude oil prices rising and refineries switching to summer gas blends, gas prices are expected to climb, but California will see the sharpest increase. More 

Falling Gas Prices: A State-by-State Look

Gas prices are a good deal cheaper than they were a year ago, and are expected to stay low for most of 2013. Find out how your state stacks up. More 

2013 Energy Outlook: Oil, Gas Prices Expected to Ease

If a double-whammy of higher global production amid sluggish economic growth continues, oil prices won't see much action to the upside in 2013. More 

America’s Economic Outlook for 2013: Nothing to Scream About

Even if Washington manages to successfully navigate the fiscal cliff, the U.S. likely won't see anything more than lackluster growth in 2013. More