Europe’s Newest Problem: Getting Old

A look across the pond shows a declining working-age population in many of Europe's most important nations -- more bad news for companies who rely on the region. More 

Germany to Move Nearly 700 Tons of Gold Back Home

Germany will return about half of its gold reserves to German soil by 2020, reducing the gold it has store in New York's Federal Reserve vaults. More 

Greek Debt Talks Break With No Agreement

European leaders and financial institutions failed to reach a deal on a new bailout for Greece after a second week of talks, but will return next week. More 

France a ‘Time Bomb’? Hardly.

While France has its share of economic turbulence, the French bond market begs to differ with The Economist's dour national outlook. More 

Dow Takes Worst Bath in a Year — Wednesday’s IP Market Recap

The Dow fell a 52-week worst 313 points on Wednesday as the markets fell to a post-election hangover and unsettling economic news out of Europe. More 

James Bond, Buffett’s Martian, and Europe’s Gold Standard

It might be time to reintroduce the use of gold as collateral for some eurozone debt obligations, a notion that once seemed unstable but may recover. More 

Q4 Economic Outlook: Weakness Everywhere

Except for the achingly slow U.S. housing recovery, it's tough to find any upside -- all around the globe. Central banks are doing all the heavy lifting. More