Google Wallet to Get a Major Makeover

Google Wallet is on its way to a major remake later this year and will start coming pre-installed on smartphones from certain carriers. More 

Is Google’s Project Ara the Future of Smartphones?

GOOGL is planning to release its first modular smartphone under Project Ara later this year. We take a look at its chances for success. More 

How to Buy ‘Car of Tomorrow’ Stocks Today

The key concept is for stocks that will profit from the car of tomorrow is technological innovation, as automakers continue developing new models with hitherto unseen high-tech features. Here are some names to consider. More 

Google to Debut YouTube Kids on Monday

Google is launching a YouTube Kids app on Feb. 23 for Android that will only include child-friendly content and channels. More 

Google Inbox App Released for iPad

Google Inbox is now available for users of Apple's iPad and has also been added to Google Play for Android tablet users. More 

7 Busted Blue Chips to Sell Now

If you want to avoid underperformance in 2015, here are seven busted blue chips to trim from your portfolio now. More 

Apple Virtual Reality Patent Approved After 6 Years

A six-year-old Apple patent application for a virtual reality headset was recently approved. Will your iPhone be the next VR headset? More 

Yandex NV (YNDX) Stock: No GOOG, But It’s Still a Buy

Yandex (YNDX) stock is roaring higher today after an earnings beat. An anticompetitive plaint against GOOG and a rising ruble also help. More 

Sony SmartEyeglass: How Much Will It Cost? When Can You Buy It?

Sony has announced a new pair of smartglasses, called "SmartEyeglass", that will be released for developers next month for $840. More 

Kickstarting the Smart Home: GE Turns Old Refrigerators Into Smart Devices

The smart home needs consumers onboard to become a reality, something GE Appliances kickstarting with a free upgrade for 20,000 lucky customers. More