Apple TV Sales Topped by Chromecast: AAPL Being Pushed Out

Apple TV sales are being eclipsed by streamers from Google and Amazon but AAPL remains silent on a refresh of the two-year old hardware More 

Facebook Tries to Take on Snapchat (Again) With Slingshot Makeover

Facebook is looking to challenge Snapcat with a newly-redesigned Slingshot app that shares some features with its rival. More 

Google for Kids: GOOG to Launch Kid-Friendly Products in 2015

Google has announced a new line of kid-friendly products in 2015. Here's what you should know about Google for kids. More 

Thursday Apple Rumors: Apple May Release 4-Inch iPhone in 2015

Thursday's Apple Rumors include an alleged patent infringement surrounding the iPhone 6, patents concerning new Maps features and more. More 

How Starbucks Mobile Order & Pay App Will Work

Starbucks launched its Mobile Order & Pay service in Portland, Ore., on Wednesday and it is currently limited to iPhone users. More 

5 Big Tech Stocks in Trouble

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IBM’s Efforts to Evolve Fail to Impress

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Google Is (Finally) Getting Rid of CAPTCHA

Google is creating a great new API that will get rid of those pesky CAPTCHAs that attempt to determine whether or not you're a robot. More 

Google Glass News: New Design May Be Slimmer, More Futuristic

Google has been granted a new patent for Google Glass that shows a slimmed down, more futuristic looking version of the device. More 

INTC Digs Deeper Into Mobile Market With Google Partnership

Intel's arrangement with Google to provide silicon for Glass should help INTC's foray into the mobile arena. More