Add a Link: Facebook (FB) Testing In-App Search Feature

Some mobile users are seeing a new feature from Facebook Inc called 'Add a Link' that removes the need of a Google search. More 

Google Update: New Feature Lets Your Order Food Direct From Search

A new Google update brings food ordering for specific restaurants to the search engine via six online ordering services. More 

AAPL: Apple Music Bully Tactics Are High Risk, Low Gain

AAPL is in the spotlight for aggressive and risky Apple music streaming negotiations that could kill the freemium model for Spotify. More 

Google News: What Project Fi Means for Google Voice

Project Fi could result in the elimination of your Google Voice account. Your voicemail and call history would be deleted too. More 

Wednesday Apple Rumors: Apple Confirms Existience of AppleBot

Wednesday's Apple Rumors include honors for helping the blind, Watch in-store pickup coming soon and the existence of AppleBot. More 

5 Stocks to Buy for May

Strong technicals and favorable seasonality suggest that these five blue chips are among the best stocks to buy in what's usually a disappointing month for the market. More 

Drone News: FAA to Rethink ‘Line-of-Sight’ Rules

Drone regulations may get updates from the FAA following tests and Amazon could benefit from some of the possible changes. More 

Facebook Inks Deal to Use Nokia Here Maps

Facebook Inc has signed a deal to use Nokia Corporation's Here maps and is testing them on its mobile website, Messenger and Instagram apps. More 

Google+ Collections: 5 Things to Know About the New Pinterest-Like Feature

A new feature called Google+ Collections has been launched. It resembles Pinterest but with a few differences. More 

Monday Apple Rumors: Accessory Makers May Use Hidden Apple Watch Port

Monday's Apple Rumors include YouTube missing from some Apple TVs, smart light bulbs for Homekit and a hidden port on the Apple Watch. More