Microsoft Layoffs – What it Means for MSFT Stock

Microsoft layoffs are boosting MSFT stock today, but what does the news mean for investors when you look into the long-term? More 

GOOG: London Goes 3D in Google Maps, Google Earth

Google has added London to its list of five cities in the UK that can be viewed in 3D through its Maps and Earth programs. More 

AMZN News: Amazon Doesn’t Always Have Best Online Prices

Amazon can be a great place to shop online and offers some good deals, but PriceJump claims there are better deals out there. More 

Surprise! 4 Tech Stocks Becoming Medical Tech Names

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GOOG: Former Ford CEO Alan Mulally Joins Google Board

Alan Mulally, the former CEO of Ford Motors , joined Google's board on July 9, making him the company's 11th board member. More 

Google+ Does Away With Real Name Requirement

Google+ will no longer require its users to use their real names when making an account. The company apologized for having the requirement. More 

TWTR: Former Twitter Employee Sues for Age Discrimination

Peter Taylor, a former Twitter employee, is suing the social media company for alleged age discrimination that caused him to lose his job. More