Project Aura: Google Glass to Get a New Name

Google Glass has reportedly underwent and name change and is now being called Project Aura by several of the company's employees. More 

MasterCard and Visa Face Major Risks From Apple and Google

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Baidu Investors Should Fear Google Play (GOOGL, BIDU)

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6 Things to Know About Samsung Pay

Samsung is preparing to bring its mobile payment service, called Samsung Pay, to the U.S. later this month and may expand it further. More 

Facebook News: FB Working on Virtual Reality App

Facebook is reportedly working on a virtual reality app for Apple's iOS and Google's Android devices that will offer 360-degree videos. More 

Google Hires Former Hyundai CEO to Head Self-Driving Cars

Google has hired former Hyundai CEO John Krafcik to be the CEO of its self-driving car project, but says it won't get into car making. More 

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