Google Drones to Begin Delivering Packages in 2017

Dave Vos, the head of Google's Project Wing, said that it's possible Google drones could be used to deliver packages in 2017. More 

Monday Apple Rumors: Apple Quietly Launches Indoor Survey App

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What Politicians Don’t Understand About the Economy

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Friday Apple Rumors: iPad Pro May See Nov. 11 Release

Friday's Apple Rumors include estimates for Android users switching to iOS, a new iOS and Android app for Beats Pill+ and more. More 

Miitomo: Meet the First Smartphone Game From Nintendo

Nintendo has announced its first ever smartphone game and it's called Miitomo, but it won't be released until March of 2016. More 

Amazon Fire TV Stumbles Ahead of the Holidays (AMZN)

AMZN is in crisis mode, with Amazon Fire TV quality issues hitting just as the latest Google Chromecast and new Apple TV hit shelves More 

Investing in the Internet of Things Is a Profitable Venture

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