Twitter May Finally Have a Business

Twitter expects to reach $1 billion in revenues by 2014. It could be that links inside tweets are good at getting users to click through to advertisers. More 

Groupon’s Plunge: A Scary Lesson on Lock-Ups

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A Lesson Learned With IPOs: Be Careful

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Groupon Buys iPad App Maker Breadcrumb

Discount deal website Groupon has acquired Breadcrumb, an iOS app developer for small restaurants and food businesses. More 

Friday’s Facebook IPO: Hold Off For Now

Facebook's IPO on Friday could be the largest in U.S. history, but it might be better for individual investors to wait for the dust to settle before jumping in More 

Retail and Europe Spoil the Day: Wednesday’s IP Market Recap

Continued pressure from economic troubles in Europe, particularly Greece, weighed on the markets, dropping an early rally down for the day. More 

Facebook Investors: Be Wary of 2011’s IPOs Lessons

The lesson of the IPO is to make sure you understand the company business and risks before jumping in at the start. Be patient. More