House Passes Bill to Defund Obamacare

A bill defunding Obamacare has passed the House of Representatives, setting up a battle with the Senate that could lead to a U.S. government shutdown. More 

A Facade of Reform: Why I Hate Obamacare

ObamaCare isn't the radical reform it's billed to be, and it fixes none of the underlying causes of rising health costs: patients who are unaware of the cost of their services and doctors who are incentivized to produce more rather than better care. More 

Google Bets on Healthcare — You Should, Too

Google is aiming at helping humans live longer via a new venture, Calico -- another nod at just how lucrative the healthcare space should continue to be. More 

3 Mutual Funds Poised to Profit From Obamacare

By Bill Wysor -- There are winners and losers in the changing healthcare industry, but let seasoned mutual fund managers do the legwork for you. More 

Walgreen Is Latest Company to Switch Employees to Insurance Exchange

Walgreen says its employees will have to select their own health insurance plans from a private exchange, but will continue to contribute to coverage. More 

CDC Announces 3 Most Urgent Superbug Threats

The Centers for Disease Control has identified the top three most dangerous drug-resistent superbugs causing illness and death in people. More 

Obamacare Is Going To Change The Way You Work And Retire

The biggest effect of Obamacare is obvious: Starting this winter, it will make it easier for tens of millions of Americans without health insurance to get it. More 

2 Tech VCs Have Plans To Fix Our Broken Healthcare System

Two of Silicon Valley's biggest venture capitalists are madly investing in tech startups that could soon make health care better and more affordable. More 

3 Companies With a Headstart on Healthcare Reform

Lowering healthcare costs is a huge theme as the insurance exchanges are about to open, and these 3 companies have taken innovation into their own hands. More 

4 Healthcare Investments to Make Before October

With open enrollment in state health insurance exchanges set to kick off on Oct. 1, it’s a good time to revisit the ways investors can play the opportunity. More