Hedge Funds

Office Depot Pressured by Activist Hedge Fund, Shares Rise

Shares of Office Depot rose on word that Starboard Value, a hedge fund, had acquired a stake in the company and was pressuring its management to make changes. More 

Hedge Funds Are Doing Terribly This Year

Hedge fund managers are not producing returns that either significantly or at times even match, those returns for investors in buy and hold. More 

Citigroup to Withdraw $410M from Paulson Hedge Funds

Sources say that Citibank will withdraw $410 million from John Paulson's hedge funds after heavy losses last year and continuing declines this year. More 

New ETF Aims to Simplify Hedges

AdvisorShares has launched the AdvisorShares QAM Equity Hedge ETF (QEH), which gives investors exposure to a long/short hedge strategy. More 

Hedge Funds: Ripping Off Millionaires and Pensions Alike

Woe unto the wealthy folks and pension funds that have put their trust in hedge funds, which are lagging badly ever since the latest bull market began. More 

A State Street-Goldman Sachs Deal?

Hedge fund administration is a low-margin pain for Goldman, but State Street would benefit from added size, so a sale would be a win-win. More 

Another New ETF Targets ‘Smart Money’

The Top Guru Holdings ETF is the second to track hedge fund buys. Also out last week is a fund aimed at giving investors access to a broad range of commodities. More