Biotech’s Slaughter Continues

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Wall Street Hit as the Dow Jones Tests 16,000

Stocks are still in the midst of their "hike or no hike" anxiety attack, while the weakness is backed up by government action against Big Pharma and disappointing economic data from China, sending the Dow Jones lower. More 

Politics, Price Gouging and Healthcare Potential (REGN, IBB, BIIB)

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Stocks Move Lower on Continued Weakness in Biotech

Financials were the winners of the day, while the selloff in biotech pressured all indices but the Dow Jones, which Nike (NKE) propped up on strong earnings. More 

Did Hillary Clinton Make Biotech Stocks a Bargain?

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Biotech Stocks: Is It Safe to Come out Now? (IBB, XBI)

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Biotech on Sale, Get Ready to Buy

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