Implied Volatility

What Happens in Vega…

Vega measures how much an options position will shift with each move in implied volatility, helping traders avoid being blindsided. More 

Weekly Option Plays Ahead of JPMorgan Earnings

Option traders can consider a short-term strategy before JPMorgan announces earnings tomorrow morning. More 

A Dearth of Volatility Kicked off the New Year

The VIX is near a historical low and market movement has been uninspiring. This trend may be poised to continue. More 

How to Trade Friday’s Employment Report

Options strategies to consider playing in the aftermath of Friday's employment report. More 

Conquering the Notoriously Difficult Straddle Play

Straddles don't win if the stock moves higher or lower - they profit if the stock moves higher or lower than anticipated. More 

Oil Spike Spells Opportunity

Think crude will stay above $105? Consider shorting puts in the U.S Oil Fund ETF. More 

Nothing to Fear but the VIX of the VIX Itself

A new index will track the volatility of the CBOE’s Volatility Index (VIX), which is more commonly known as the stock market’s fear gauge. Say what? More