Income Investing

September Rate Roundup: CDs, Money Markets and Mortgages

Interest rates on savings accounts and CDs were unchanged or rose in September, while mortgage and refinance rates cooled down. More 

Trade of the Day: Ford (F)

Use a buy-write covered call strategy to capitalize on the fact that Ford (F) is going up while also putting some downside protection in place. More 

Muni Bonds’ Appeal Has Just Gotten Broader

Municipal bonds now offer extremely attractive after-tax yields even for those in the 25% and 28% tax brackets. How will this impact the outlook for munis? More 

Invest Exotically With Multi-Asset Income Funds

Multi-asset income funds provide high yields, long-term capital appreciation, diversity and low volatility. If done right, anyway. More 

August Rate Roundup: CDs, Money Markets and Mortgages

Rates continued to surge in August but savers didn't see an extra dime in interest. Banks, meanwhile, made out like bandits. More 

Looking for Income? Univest Offers Safety and Yield

Investors have been scrambling for income stocks in 2013. If you're looking for income, cheap bank stocks like Univest are a great place to start. More 

Why Dividend Stocks Are Better Than Bonds

Dividend stocks offer lower volatility, better prices for higher quality, income, and the potential for growth, notes the equity income team at BlackRock. More